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Da’Quan On College, Sexting, and the Best Rappers Alive

The other day the Internet's most beloved wannabe rapper, Da'quan, paid a visit to the BroBible office. We thought it was a perfect time to

Why Is Playing In a Kickball League Awesome?

Last weekend, Reggie Noble and I headed out to Vegas to attend the American Honey Barsity kickball tournament. As one does in Vegas, we had

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg Discuss a Harrowing Encounter with a Bull on the Set of ‘2 Guns’

Washington. Wahlberg. BOOM. In 2 days, 2 Guns hits theaters as one of the summer's most highly anticipated buddy action flicks. 2 Guns is about DEA

How Sick Is This Trike Building Jump from NItro Circus 3D?

We've been amped for Nitro Circus 3D for quite a while. On August 8, Travis Pastrana's epic 3D action film hits theaters. Think "Jackass," except with

Frozen Planet: On ‘The Icy Finger of Death’

As told by "Frozen Planet" director Dr. Chadden Hunter:

VIDEO: Santonio Holmes Reveals His Top 10 NFL Stadiums, and #1 Ain’t in Jersey

BroBible and Soletron recently caught up with wide receiver Santonio Holmes for an exclusive video feature on his top 10 favorite NFL stadiums. The locked-out