This Extremely Insecure Guy Completely Loses His Shit On A Dude Who’s Been SnapChatting His Ex-Girlfriend

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Turning into an insecure weirdo when your relationship unexpectedly ends isn't uncommon.

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World’s Most Desperate Guy Creates ‘I Love You, Shauna’ Website To Win His Ex-Girlfriend Back


I'm not sure what makes me more sad: The fact this guy can't move on with his life or the fact that he put all this time into making a website for a girl that probably shouldn't take him back.

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‘Texts From Your Ex’ Is An Instagram Account You’re Going To Want To Follow


Texts From Your Ex It doesn't matter if every single text that you find on "Texts From Your Ex" is fake, it's still fucking amusing as hell.

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The 6 ex-girlfriends you’ll have in college


Studying in college is pretty important, but the lasting lessons come from the relationships you have.

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Bro Betrayed by Best Friend and Girlfriend Pens Hate-Filled Letter, Gets His Revenge


Lots of luck to Todd and Jessica on their budding romance.


Bro Expertly Texts an Ex-Girlfriend Who Cheated On Him with His Best Friend


Person of the Internet @KaneZipperman was sick of getting cutesy text messages from an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with his so-called best friend.

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