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Adam Levine Is Apologizing to His Ex-Girlfriends Before Marrying His Hot Fiancée

Better question: Behati Prinsloo, what are you doing?

Bro Betrayed by Best Friend and Girlfriend Pens Hate-Filled Letter, Gets His Revenge

Lots of luck to Todd and Jessica on their budding romance!

Bro Expertly Texts an Ex-Girlfriend Who Cheated On Him with His Best Friend

Person of the Internet @KaneZipperman was sick of getting cutesy text messages from an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with his so-called best friend.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Meets Your Ex

It might happen at a party, at a bar or randomly on the street. Either way, there is no more uncomfortable social situation for a

How Do You Tell a Nagging Ex to Fuck Off Without Actually Saying It?

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This Is Pretty Much Exactly How It Is to Run Into an Ex

You never run into your ex when you're riding that three-drink sweet spot or when you're in a period of regular grooming. It happens at 2:30 a.m., with

5 Exes Even Crazier Than Yours

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before: "No, seriously dude, my ex is CRAZY." And maybe you're right. Just remember that no matter how much

Listen to a Hilarious Voicemail from an Ex-Girlfriend

It's hilarious because she sounds like a whale!

The 4 Stages of Banging Your Ex

You’ve been drinking all night and, sadly, you’ve been striking out more consistently than Michael Jordan as a baseball player, actor, degenerate gambler, or team

Bro Explains How To Annoy Your Ex On Facebook

The Bros at Made Man explain how to tactfully troll your ex girlfriend on Facebook. Of course, rather than trolling your ex on Facebook like

9 Tips For Dealing With Your Crazy, Narcissist Ex

Rule #1: Do not participate in National Text Your Ex Day. That sort of thing is stupid anyway... 

Guess What This Dude Accused His Ex-Girlfriend of Stealing?

It's a sticky situation.

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Sex With Your Ex

Sex with your Ex: Good idea? Bad idea? Or always a bad idea? Our girl across the pond, Emily Hartridge, has a new video counting down

Guess What This Woman Did to Her Ex-Boyfriend?

Kinda puts a new meeting to "old flame."

Do Smarter Guys Have a Harder Time Getting Laid? Plus Why You Shouldn’t Be Friends With Your Ex

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Can You Be Friends With an Ex-Girlfriend?

All of these ex-girlfriend horror stories you guys have been sending in got me thinking: Can you really ever be friends with your ex? That

What’s the Craziest Thing a Girl Has Done to You Post-Break-Up?

Earlier today, JoePa alerted us to the lunatic chick who decided it was necessary to light her ex's junk aflame. It's O.K. that she killed