wtf etiquette

Yesterday I watched a  guy drop his pants and show off his micropenis in a bathroom full of people


In celebration of a friend's birthday yesterday myself and a few friends headed over to the Pier 6 location of Fornino's at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, and it was there I saw my ever first micropenis.

tipping etiquette

Are you tipping enough? According to this, you probably aren’t


Chances are you learned to tip from your parents, but tipping has changed over the years and what once worked may no longer be the status quo.

web culture

7 Beefs We’ve Got with Present-Day Internet Etiquette


We make a living because of the internet, but we also sort of live on the internet.


New York Artist Takes Subway Etiquette Into His Own Hands


 A New York artist fed up with fellow subway riders clipping their toenails, listening to loud music, and eating in his train took things into his own hands and made fake 400 fake MTA posters explaining why those underground vices were just so annoying.

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