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Student Apparently Exposes His Teacher Who Doesn’t Read Essay Answers By Writing Total Nonsense and Getting an ‘A’

Either a really crafty kid or one hell of a move by Sprite's marketing team.

This Video Perfectly Sums Up the Awfulness That Is Writing a Paper in College

The anxiety of picking a title. The stress of word counts. The temptation to hang with friends. It's all there. 

Bro Tells Teacher In Essay Section of His Biology Exam That He Does Not Give a Fuck About Science

You have to respect the balls to tell your teacher you do not give one fuck about his class, but really value the friendship the

Dude Writes Incredibly Boastful Essay About His ‘Liquid Gold’ Sperm

Somewhere in this great city that several million people call home to lives a man who writes the blog LaidNYC. I've never read this blog,

College Student’s Final Essay Detailing Teacher’s Hotness Gets Him Kicked Out of School; He’s Suing

57-year-old Oakland University student Joseph Corlett had a brilliant idea in mind for his final English 380: Advanced Critical Writing essay: Write a critical, well-reasoned

Has the Afrojack Sound Gotten Old?

You're about to read an article written by one of the biggest and longest running Afrojack fans known to man—and regardless of your opinion at

5 Reasons Why No, Idiot, Hip Hop is Not Dying

Yesterday, I finally got around to reading Krum’s piece “Is Hip Hop Finally Dead?” while riding the subway back home from work. At the time,

2007 Was the Best Year a Rapper Has Ever Had

If you have the time, pull up a YouTube clip of Lil Wayne’s 2007 performance on BET’s Rap Nation. Skip the intro rap. Press play