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Meet ESPN’s Latest Hire Britt McHenry, Who Also Happens to be a TOTAL BABE

Hello, Britt McHenry. Now that all the pleasantries are out of the way, will you marry me?

Was Someone Holding a Gun to Ken Griffey Jr. During This Awkward ESPN Interview?


Stony Brook Basketball Fan Attempts to Become the Most Annoying Videobomber Ever, SUCCEEDS

Dude is just living his life for the love of Stony Brook.

Watch Katie Nolan DESTROY ESPN Troll Rick Reilly LIKE A BOSS

You know who sucks? ESPN master troll Rick Reilly, a man who writes poems about the New York Jets and enjoys misquoting his own father-in-law. Today Fox One's Katie

Here’s the Entire NFL Season in 160 Seconds

On the off chance you didn't watch any NFL football this year, ESPN has created a very efficient roundup. Not watching any professional football sounds

17 Sportscasters Sneaking In Hilarious References

Newsflash: If you have a job talking about sports and you're not actively attempting to shoehorn pop culture references into your broadcasts, you're doing it wrong.

Ron Burgundy Won’t Host ‘SportsCenter’ After All

Ron Burgundy will have to find another outlet that doesn’t bill itself as the worldwide leader to promote his new movie later today. His scheduled

President Obama Says He Wants to Be an ESPN Sportscenter Anchor After Leaving Office

Barack Obama has two years in the White House still, but he's already daydreaming about what his next career move may be. According to the

5 Things That RUIN ESPN

5. Brett Favre, Tim Tebow, Jameis Winston

ESPN. Guys. You’re killing me here. Yes, the entire country’s interested in stories about Favre, Tebow, and Winston. But

ESPN Employees Can’t Stop Saying Offensive Things About Jeremy Lin

With Jeremy Lin dominating at Madison Square Garden, last night felt an awful lot like 2012. ESPN anchors were even falling into their old habit of

Michigan State Basketball Fan Videobombed ESPN By Dancing His Ass Off to an Usher Song

The Spartans dropped top ranked Kentucky 78-74 last night. Our own Reggie Noble probably lost his shit in the privacy of his own home over the upset win,

Les Miles’ Ride-Along with ESPN Was Appropriately Weird

In anticipation of Saturday's Alabama-LSU matchup, ESPN sent the unreasonably attractive Kaylee Hartung to interview Les Miles in his SUV. Les Miles, you should

Scott Van Pelt Confirmed the Giants-Vikings Game Was a Waste of Your Time

Last night’s Minnesota Vikings-New York Giants game was an absolute stinker. I was there in person to witness each and every terrible Josh Freeman pass.

This Shirtless Clemson Bro Videobomber Is the Most Legendary Bro In ‘Gameday’ History

This is hands down the most amazing GIF I've ever seen from College Gameday. While David Pollack gabs on about blah blah blah football, this Bro

Drunk Fan at the Washington State-Stanford Game Pours Popcorn All Over His Face

Shout-out to this Bro chillin' in an empty stadium to watch Stanford crush Washington State, 41-3. He's the Internet's new hero for pouring popcorn all over

Did Stephen A. Smith Fall Asleep On-Air While Skip Bayless Was Talking Today?

It's not hard to fall asleep while Skip Bayless is talking, but if you watch this video from this morning's edition of First Take, it sure looks

Drake Went On SportsCenter to Talk About Being a Miami Heat Fan and Besties with Johnny Manziel

To hype his new album, Nothing Was the Same, rapper/crooner Drake went on SportsCenter yesterday for a masturbatory segment about his sports besties, including Johnny Manziel (who he

Lee Corso Says ‘Bitching’ Twice on ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’

Lee Corso was in rare form in Fargo, N.D., dropping B-bombs left and right. Classic Corso! 

Lou Holtz Freaks Out, Flips Podium During Nightmarish ESPN Bit

ESPN is still doing the bit where Lou Holtz and Mark May pretend to be in a courtroom with Rece Davis presiding. I’m sorry to


OTL’s ‘Man In The Red Bandanna,’ The Story Of Boston College Laxer and 9/11 Hero Welles Crowther

This is the story of Welles Crowther, a former Boston College lacrosse player and investment banker who died heroically rescuing others in the South Tower

Here’s ESPN’s Entire ‘The Freak’ Segment on Jadeveon Clowney

Well, we finally get to the root of why they called this segment The Freak; because literally everyone they interviewed (from rival teams,

ESPN’ Jadeveon Clowney Promo “The Freak” is Pretty Awesome

Somewhere, Jevon Kearse is not happy that ESPN is trying to give Clowney his nickname.  The Freak airs Sunday, August 25th at 10am EST on ESPN. 

Bubba Watson Played Golf at ESPN, Hit a Ball off a Keyboard

It’s no secret that Bubba Watson plays by his own rules. So if he wants to play a round of golf inside of ESPN headquarters,

ESPN Announces All New ’30 for 30′ Documentaries for the Fall

What if I told you... that a television company made a bunch of new sports-related documentaries for the fall of 2013? Because they did. ESPN

20 Greatest Moments in ESPY’s History

On March 4th, 1993, ESPN began an award show that would change the landscape of awards in sports for years to

Rickie Fowler’s New ‘This Is Sportscenter’ Commercial Is Freakin’ Hilarious

Sportscenter's John Anderson discovers the story behind Rickie Fowler's bright orange outfit. 

@SanJoseSharks Just Won Twitter

For all the ESPN haters out there.

Keith Olbermann Might Be Returning to ESPN

Fired from Current.TV in 2012. Fired from MSNBC in 2011. Hired by ESPN in 2013? Keith Olbermann's resume is looking spiffy, you guys. But if

Chad Johnson Got Kicked Out Court for Slapping His Lawyer’s Ass And Now Sentenced to 30 Days In Jail

Child please.

Mike Francesca Has a Few Thoughts on ESPN

WFAN blowhard Mike Francesca is not a hockey fan. But that didn’t stop him from being the first to report the New York Rangers had

ESPN Announces Two New ‘30 for 30’ Documentaries

30 for 30 has been appointment viewing since its inception in 2009. And, since it's thankfully grown much larger than just that original 30-episode run,

ESPN Really, Really Wanted Seth Meyers for a Late-Night Sports Talk Show. Who Will They Now Go For?

Very interesting, kinda cool story. It's been revealed that ESPN honcho-man John Skipper tried to lure the SNL mainstay to the Worldwide Leader in Sports

If You Haven’t Yet Seen Frank Caliendo’s Mel Kiper Jr. Impression, You Must

Frank Caliendo has been ESPN go-to-guy for making fun of sports personalities for quite sometime now. He's had his highs and his lows (Frank TV,

This Is a Pretty Cool Video on the Rise, Fall, and Possible Rebirth of JaMarcus Russell

Arguably the biggest bust in NFL history hasn't been on the radar for quite sometime now. Looks like he's ready for a change, though. 

Rutgers’ Mike Rice Scandal Has Reached the Water-Balloon-Throwing Stage

The situation at Rutgers continues to deteriorate.

Here’s Kevin Ware’s First Interview Since Suffering an Unwatchable Injury Against Duke

Kevin Ware's brutal leg injury might go down as the most gruesome injury televised in our lifetime. I was at a relative's house thankfully eating

Rob Gronkowski Hosts SportsCenter, Proclaims ‘It’s on Like Gronkey Kong’

Caveman voices, Bros: "Gronk do Gronk things, like grunt on tv show bout sports next to pretty girl and say 'It's on like Gronkey Kong!'" *Beats

Breaking: ESPN’s New Tumblr Page is Dynamite

ESPN has apparently launched a Tumblr page, and it is fantastic.

The 20 Dumbest Things Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith Have Said

Have you ever thought to yourself, I love the sound of feral cats fighting? Do you get bored when you have a conversation and the

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Hates Hockey

Uh-oh: 'Dem fightin' words: