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Eskimo Brothers Create Hilarious Song About Mutual Girl

Even though R. Kelly and Usher long ago created the gold standard by which all eskimo brother jams can be judged, these guys did a

Eskimo Bros Name Bar After Their Mutual Ex-Girlfriend; Ex-GF Surprisingly Cool With It

Ah, the Eskimo Brother family tree. It's how you get things done. Like find a partner for a bar. And its name, too.

Dudes Become Eskimo Bros in Gross Fashion, Plus a Chick Drives Ten Hours to Take a Bro’s Virginity

As promised, here is the second part of today's Hook Up Heroes. Read the first part and keep the stories coming in by sending them here. 

Bro Has a Threesome In a Public Park, Plus Becoming Eskimo Brothers in the Same Night Can Be Gross

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