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Erin Andrews Is Looking DAMN FINE in the September Issue of Health Magazine

Hi, Erin.

Radio Host Apologizes for Repeatedly Calling Erin Andrews a Bitch by Continuing to Insult Her

Solid apology.

Radio Host Repeatedly Calls Erin Andrews a Bitch, Tells Her to Drop Dead

After allowing a leadoff double to Derek Jeter last night, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright said he grooved a […]

This Is How Erin Andrews Prepares for the Super Bowl

Erin Andrews is ready to do this... 

Erin Andrews and Richard Sherman are Total BFFS, You Guys

People are still talking about what Richard Sherman's postgame interview MEANS FOR AMERICA AND THE FUTURE. Seriously. But the two primaries from the Story of

Every Bro On Twitter Fell In Love with CBS Sports Hottie Allie LaForce Tonight

If you watched the broadcast of the New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts game, you probably noticed CBS Sports rolling out its latest shining star, Allie LaForce. Only 25

Erin Andrews Is Wearing Pigtails at Lambeau Field

Reporting from the Green Bay-San Francisco game, Erin Andrews is wearing pigtails. It's 5 degrees with a -11 windchill, but EA's look is So. Hot. Stil our

Meet Olivia Harlan, a Hot and Awesome UGA Sportscaster Who Might Be the Next Erin Andrews

Want to make a bet? In five years, Olivia Harlan is going to be a household name in the sportscasting world. Harlan is only junior at

BIG SCANDAL: Did Erin Andrews Confuse Justin Verlander and Justin Bieber?

Justin Verlander is a major league pitcher. Justin Bieber is a singer I’ve never met but seems like a totally chill dude. They share little

Erin Andrews Got All Gatorade Wet After the Red Sox Win Last Night

Weird headline aside, this was a great moment. While interviewing Jared Saltalamacchia, who hit last night's walk-off single, Erin Andrews fell victim to the outskirts

The Erin Andrews Videobombers Appear to Be Making Videobombing a Thing

Yesterday, Fox Sports made the possibly unwise decision to place Erin Andrews in the middle of a Times Square crowd for a live report. You

A Bearded Bro and a Dude with Dreads Photobombed Erin Andrews

This is what happens when Fox puts Erin Andrews infront of a crowd in Times Square. EA was the victim of an incredible photobomb by

Catfight! Michelle Beadle Opens Up About Feud with Erin Andrews

Want to know what two of sports media's most famous people think about each other?

Erin Andrews Tells Dan Patrick Why She Left ESPN

The Queen of Sideline Reporting apparently made a pros and cons list like Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly.” So that’s apparently sexy now.

Erin Andrews Is Going to Fox

After weeks of speculation, we now know where Andrews is going after all: Fox. 

For Some Reason, Erin Andrews and Vanilla Ice Danced Together

Vanilla Ice was on ESPN headquarters in Bristol today to go through the car wash and promote his upcoming movie “That’s My Boy.” Synergy, the

Erin Andrews Apparently Doing Her Sideline Reporting Into Chace Crawford’s Ear

Erin Andrews is not the pageview-machine that she used to be, but she’s still extremely gorgeous. That’s why it’s just not right that her talents

Erin Andrews Got a Gatorade Bath After Baylor Upset Oklahoma

That is all. Video after the click.