Erin Andrews Twitter

Erin Andrews just got ZINGED so hard on Twitter


Erin Andrews has been in the news a lot lately, mostly because of those radio dicks in Boston championing misogyny.


Radio Host Repeatedly Calls Erin Andrews a Bitch, Tells Her to Drop Dead


After allowing a leadoff double to Derek Jeter last night, St.

Who would you rather

Who Would You Rather: Erin Andrews or Jessica Biel?


Simple and straightforward tonight, Erin Andrews or Jessica Biel.

Super Bowl

DJ Steve Porter takes on Richard Sherman in an epic new remix


DJ Steve Porter has made some epic sports remixes over the years, so his using Richard Sherman as the subject of his latest effort not only makes sense, it makes for some of his best work yet.

Richard Sherman

Erin Andrews and Richard Sherman are Total BFFS, You Guys


People are still talking about what Richard Sherman's postgame interview MEANS FOR AMERICA AND THE FUTURE.

Richard Sherman WWE

Richard Sherman goes WWE in post-game interview, yells at Erin Andrews


Richard Sherman went out there and lost his damn f-ckin' mind in a post-game interview with Erin Andrews.