This Man Had A 17-Hour Erection That Just Wouldn’t Quit. That Is, Until Medics Drained Two Pints Of Blood From It


Here's a new one for next season of Sex Sent Me to the ER: - Man has sex with girl.

study drugs

Don’t Wear Sweatpants to Study; New Research Say Ritalin Could Cause Unexpected Erections


Be careful the next time you pop a pill to get a quick cram session in before a test.

phantom boners

The Top 10 Worst Situations to Get an Erection


Whether during a physical examination or when a girl is navigating your vein-laden terrain, nothing makes a man happier than when his penis represents him well.


Man Sues Hospital Staff For Watching Baseball Instead of Dealing With His Painful Erection


I have a similar complaint around my house most nights, but she’s usually watching “The Bachelorette” or some other reality drivel instead of baseball.

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