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Nick Offerman Gave a Hilarious Speech Making Fun of Politicians and How Stupid the Media Is

Nick Offerman is a hero.

This Illinois State University Senior’s Farewell Speech Will Give You Chills

It's that time of year, college seniors; The best four years of your life, as they say, are almost over.

MUST-WATCH: Seth Rogen Delivered a Moving, Hilarious Speech on Capitol Hill for Alzheimer’s Research

Stop whatever the hell you're doing and watch this. Everyone's favorite lazy, lovable Hollywood stoner, Seth Rogen, spoke infront of a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on

Amateur Hockey Coach Gives the Best Locker Room Pump-Up Speech You’ll Watch Today

A tipster sent this to us and it's awesome. I love this Bro from the hockey hotbed of Hartford, Connecticut. The fact that he's pounding a

Ray Lewis Gave a Pump Up Speech to USC, Proving He’s the Master of Talking Without Anything to Say

I'm sorry, guys, but these Ray Lewis pump up speeches are bullshit. Last night, during halftime of that horribly boring Monday Night Football game, I couldn't

This Profound Graduation Speech Will Change Your Outlook on Life

If I was judging Tim Minchin based on his appearence, I'd say he looks like someone who sells nitrous ballons in concert parking lots. The Aussie

Frat Bro’s Epic Flag Football Speech Is Even More Epic with the ‘Any Given Sunday’ Music

Finally, the mash-up the Internet deserves. That Drexel frat Bro's flag football pump-up speech finally got spliced with the music from Al Pacino's Any Given Sunday talk. The result

Bro Makes Al Pacino Look Like Norv Turner in Epic Flag Football Speech

For the longest time, Al Pacino's halftime speech in Any Given Sunday was the gold standard of motivational speeches. No more. No FUCKING more. It's now this fraternity brother

Tom Brady Gave a Motivational Speech to the University of Michigan Football Team

You know what they say about Michigan Men. Distinguished alumnus Tom Brady swung by the Wolverines practice facility to deliver an epic motivational speech to the

Brian Williams’ Graduation Speech to Elon’s Class of 2013 Includes a Special Message to His Son

This speech is the best thing you'll watch today. Here at BroBible, we have a lot of love for Elon. It mostly has to do

Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Listen to Les Miles’ Emotional Post-Game Rant After Beating Ole Miss

Love him or hate him, there's no denying Les Miles is one hell of a football coach. After beating Ole Miss 41-35 yesterday, Miles went

Watch Curtis Martin’s Incredible Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech

This is worth all 27 minutes. This on Saturday night, Curtis Martin became one of 273 football legends inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Speaking from

Watch Bill Murray’s Awesome, 12-minute Hall of Fame Speech for the Sally League

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Bill Murray is the f*cking man, forever and ever and ever. Despite his international celebrity, Murray remains

Watch Andy Samberg’s Hilarious Commencement Speech at Harvard’s 2012 Class Day

Just like Conan O'Brien and Will Ferrall, SNL alumni Andy Samberg gave a speech at Harvard's annual Class Day. And as to be expected, it

Ray Lewis’ Postgame Locker Room Speech is Void of Any Mention of Billy Cundiff

Say what you will about Ray Lewis -- make fun of his old murder charges, call him washed-up, WHATEVER -- but the man