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Howard Stern Has an Awesome Rant About Jeff Van Gundy, Calls Him a ‘Real Douche Bag’

Not sure how we missed this yesterday, but better late than never.

Samuel L. Jackson DESTROYS a News Anchor For Thinking He’s Laurence Fishburne

  Well this has to be the most awkward TV interview ever. A KTLA broadcaster asked Samuel L. Jackson what […]

Angry New York Knicks Fan Has The Best Rant You’ll Hear Today

The 5-15 New York Knicks flat out suck. Fans are frustrated to their wits end with a team that's fledged since the Isiah Thomas-era. Having

Fraternity Alum at Wabash College Furious After Losing Homecoming, Unleash Tyrannical Facebook Rant

As a tipster tells us, winning homecoming is a very big deal to the Phi Psi's at Indiana's Wabash College. Homecoming 2013 was this past week,

Former Penn State Professor EXPLODES on Campus Preacher, Throws F-Bombs Left and Right

Penn State loves its traditions. Glad to see that two of the school's most notorious ones -- The Willard Preacher and people trolling the Willard

I Think Alex Jones Finally Lost His Damn Mind…

Our favorite stark, raving mad man with a nationally-syndicated radio show, Alex Jones, took a trip over to jolly ole' England to appear on the

‘I’m Not F*cking Justin Bieber!’: An Epic Onstage Rant By Green Day’s Billie Joe

Green Day's frontman, Billie Joe, was not pleased when Green Day lost precious set time to Usher at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. So,

Girl Rips College Administration To Shreds In Angry Voicemail

We've all had an experience similar to this; an administration drowning in bureaucratic incompetance, f*cking up our lives to the point where we have to

The Best Epic, Angry Rant of the Day Goes to This Diablo III Gamer Geek

Our developer dropped off the face of the planet the other day when Diablo III came out. I guess it's a big deal?