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Seth Rogen And James Franco Join Epic Meal Time To Make A 33,083 Calorie Korean BBQ Lasagna


It seems when the 'Epic Meal Time' gang ran out of ideas on what to prepare for their next dish the only solution was to kick out their Sauce Boss, Harley Morenstein, and replace him with James Franco and Seth Rogen.

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Watch The ‘Epic Meal Empire’ Crew Dunk A Human Cookie Into A Gigantic Glass Of Milk


On November 14, Epic Meal Empire, a show from the creators of Epic Meal Time -- if you haven't figured that one out all by yourself -- returns to on FYI.

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I Got Blackout Drunk At Comic Con And Allegedly Spent Most Of The Night Slapping A Celebrity In The Nuts


This weekend, thousand of comic, movie, TV and wrestling fans will descend upon the Javitz Center in New York City for the annual Comic Con event.


Epic Meal Time’s 146,800 calorie Oreo should be in a goddamn museum


The latest creation from Harley and the dudes at Epic Meal Time is an Oreo coming in at 146,800 calories.

racecar made out of bacon

Epic Meal Time makes a HOGSTER at Texas Motor Speedway


  Why get a diecast model car when you can get a deadpig model.

super swine

Epic Meal Time builds Pork Parmesan atop pig carcass


Epic Meal Time makes their first ever gluten-free episode with the Pork Parmesan built atop a pig carcass.

x men epic meal time

X-Men build epic scarecrow out of fast food


Professor X and the gang borrow the Epic Meal Time studios to take a shot at their own Halloween creation.

world's biggest chicken nuggets

Epic Meal Time’s 60lbs 6-piece chicken nuggets


Epic Meal Time has created a plenty of monstrosities using fast food items as ingredients.

philly cheesesteak

Epic Meal Time Philly Cheese Cake causes bacon weddings


Harley Morenstein is the "Petey Pablo of Pork" in the new Epic Meal Time Philly Cheese Cake video.

inside out breakfast burrito

Epic Meal Time ‘Inside-Out Breakfast Burrito Burrito’


Epic Meal Time created an Inside-Out Breakfast Burrito Burrito with a meager 53,646 calories and 3,578 grams of fat.

squeezeburger pie

Epic Meal Time builds Squeezeburger Pie like Middle Eastern prince


Harley Morenstein has been on a media blitz lately, but he always finds time to sit down for home-cooked Epic Meal Time.

how to cook mac n cheese in a coffee pot

Epic Meal Time makes lasagna in a dishwasher


Most guys don't know how to turn on the oven so Epic Meal Time cooked in the dishwasher.

meatball deathsub

Epic Meal Time ravioli stuffed meatball deathsub


Harley Morenstein and Epic Meal Time make a meatball sub "sloppy and hot, like the drunk thick girl at a party.


Some Older People Watch Epic Meal Time, React Dynamically


The Epic Meal Time fellas are beloved by many and repulsed by the rest of the population.

Harley Morenstein

Epic Meal Time makes fashion accessories from bacon candy


Most of Epic Meal Time's concoctions look deliciously disgusting.

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