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This Is What Happens When You Wear A Mentos Suit And Dunk Yourself Into A Pool Of Coke

Your childhood dream is calling you.

Some Older People Watch Epic Meal Time, React Dynamically

The Epic Meal Time fellas are beloved by many and repulsed by the rest of the population. How does our parents’ generation view them? The

Check Out Epic Meal Time’s Carl’s Jr. Commercial and Behind the Scenes Footage

If you're trying to sell something with bacon in it and you can't find a real-life talking pig then you had better be requesting the

The ‘Epic Meal Time’ Guys Take on a Massive Thanksgiving Feast

In a special, almost heart-warming episode of "Epic Meal Time," the guys make a Thanksgiving feast that you probably shouldn't watch on either an empty

‘Epic Meal Time’ Celebrates Its Two-Year Birthday with One of Its Most Ridiculous Stunts Yet

These guys are all still alive! Two years after they kicked off this ridiculous video series, they are still alive. And presumably semi-healthy and heart-disease

‘Epic Meal Time’ Celebrates the 4th with an American Flag Made Entirely of Meat

The guys at "Epic Meal Time" are celebrating the 4th in style, equipped with disgustingly awesome amounts of bacon, meat, and mashed potatoes. This video

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Epic Meal Time

To be honest, this might be the best Gentleman's Rant to date. Probably due to the fact that it includes a cameo from

Epic Meal Time Collaborates With FPS Russia

Pistol whipping that meat...  

Epic Meal Time Drunken Mess

Epic Meal Time just hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube. To celebrate, they turned up the douche and made what they referred to on Twitter

Epic Meal Time Tackles Masta Pasta

In this latest Epic Meal Time episode the boys make bacony, Jack Daniels, pasta concoctions while they pour Incredible Hulks down their throats. Video is

VIDEO: Epic Meal Time’s Candy BBQ

In this episode, Epic Meal Time abandons meat to create candy burgers, hot dogs, and fries. They even introduce a candy they like to call

Epic Meal Time and Deadmau5 Tackle Grilled Cheese

It's hard to make a simple grilled cheese more epic than it already is: bread, cheese, a frying pan, and at most, one brain cell.

VIDEO: Epic Meal Time’s Unnecessary Take on Mac and Cheese

Epic Meal Time and their zest for bacon, Jack Daniels, and over-annunciation are back and this time they've set out to ruin perfectly good mac

Video: Epic Meal Time Teaches Meat Building 101

It's no secret that AG hates these Epic Meal Time videos. But what you may not know is that I have resolved to love all

Bro or Not Bro: Epic Meal Time Videos

Yesterday was Tuesday, which meant yet another Epic Meal Time video blew up like water in a grease fire across the Internet. This week the