This Scottish Bro Having A Meltdown Is Proof That Scottish And English Are Separate Languages


This video settles it: the Scottish attempt to communicate is no longer via the English language.


World Leader Caught Eating A Hotdog With Fork And Knife Should Just Flog Himself In Shame


People around the world constantly poke fun at Americans, but I can say one thing for certain: our President would never be caught dead eating a hotdog like a pussy.


Prince Harry SHUTS DOWN Woman Trying To Take A Selfie With Him, Is A Hero

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Prince Harry may not have any real power but at least he's using his station in the public eye to do great good.

rap battle

We Can All Learn Something From The Enthusiasm And Hype At This HS Rap Battle In England


If I could hire this entire school of British kids to do the reactions at my next rap battle, I would.


Six-Year-Old Students Caught Acting Out Rape and Drug Scenes From ‘Grand Theft Auto’


Parents of children at the Coed-y-Brain Primary School, in Llanbradach, Caerphilly (dear Lord is Welsh indecipherable), recently received notice from the school that their very young kids were behaving very badly.


Weirdest Roommate Ever Wants You to Wear a Walrus Suit


Do you have a shitty roommate who doesn't do the dishes or clean the bathroom.


UK government pranks people in bars to prevent drunk driving


Drunk driving is a serious problem across the globe.

She Hulk assault

Woman dressed like She-Hulk allegedly assaults teen


If you're going to embody the character of Marvel superheroine She-Hulk, there's no half-stepping.


Man dressed as Batman captures criminal and brings him to police


If you're a criminal and a guy dressed up in a crappy Batman costume captures you, do you feel good about yourself.

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