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5 Signs You Should to Quit Your Job. Like, Today.


A recent survey I pulled out of my ass indicates that the average person will spend 10.


These Are The Most Unique Jobs For All 50 States—Really, Missouri?


Every state has to be most unique for something, and MentalFloss+CareerBuilder got together to see just exactly what the most unique job in each state was.


Americans Are Getting Much Better at Passing Drug Tests


When I was a freshman in college, I got a summer job working for a construction company.


The 10 Most Annoying Things People Say In the Workplace


College is without a doubt the best time for a bro: A glorious 4-6 year span of pure euphoria that never seemed to end.


Celebrate Boss Day with 10 Hilarious Boss Day Someecards


Cubicle worker bees of the world: Do you know what critically important day it is today.

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Dom Mazzetti vs. Getting Hired


Tough job market out there.

Video games

‘Pizza Heroes’ is both a game and way to land a job at Domino’s


Pizza Heroes is an iPad game in which you assemble virtual pizzas for Domino's, and if you're good enough, it just might land you a job at the real thing.

Video games

VIDEO: Pittsburgh Energy Alliance thinks dissing gamers will make them want to work there


Pittsburgh Energy Alliance's attempt at telling everyone that they're hiring might go down as one of the worst ever, due to their assumption that gamers will want to sign up after being completely crapped on.


Taco Bell/KFC Employee Tendered His Resignation on the Marquee


When you're slinging gorditas and buckets of fried chick at a Taco Bell/KFC super-awesome hybrid branch you've pretty much reached the pinnacle of the fast food game.

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