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8 Things Bros Get Emotionally Attached To

I’m 25, which means I’m really not old but I’m not that young. There’s comfort in the fact that I’m not

You Will Cry Watching This Video About a Daughter Who Threw a Fake Wedding for Her Dying Dad

Rachel Wolf's dad is dying of pancreatic cancer and won’t be around for the actual big events in his daughter’s life, so this was the

The Bros Guide to Having Feelings

As much as all of us gentlemen would like to be entire automatons, fueled only by steak frites and a little

Very Cool ‘Reality TV Experiment’ Shows How Men Are Unable to Cry, and How Women Can So Easily

F*ck emotions, dawg.

Arian Foster is an Emotional Bro

Arian Foster signed a five-year deal to stay with the Houston Texans this week, along the way fulfilling a promise he made to