Get Your Shit Together America! Worldwide Study Says Canada Sends Most Poop Emojis On The Planet!

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The good people at SwiftKey (Which is my go-to Android keyboard) analyzed over 1 billion pieces of data to determine the most popular emojis around the world.


New Study Says That People Who Use Emojis Have A LOT More Sex


And here I thought that using emojis when texting chicks was looked down upon.

things men shouldnt do

You Can’t Call Yourself an Adult Man if You Use These 10 Emoticons


Much like first dibs on lifeboats, emoticons are a thing for women and children.


Skype removes ‘offensive’ emoticons because they offended people


From now on, the only way to give a person the middle finger on Skype is the old fashioned way -- giving them the actual middle finger.

texting tips for men

‘LOL!’ and other things men should never say if they want to have sex again


Remember Quin, the girl who snapped at a guy for breaking up with her over text message while the whole Internet called her crazy.

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