You Will Be Able To Order Domino’s Pizza By Tweeting A Pizza Emoji, For Drunks And Stoners This Will Be Trouble


— Domino's Pizza (@dominos) May 12, 2015 Listen, you can't be lifting up a heavy smartphone and hold that five ounces up to your head for the 3-7 minutes or however long it takes to order a pizza over the phone.


Get Your Shit Together America! Worldwide Study Says Canada Sends Most Poop Emojis On The Planet!

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The good people at SwiftKey (Which is my go-to Android keyboard) analyzed over 1 billion pieces of data to determine the most popular emojis around the world.


New Study Says That People Who Use Emojis Have A LOT More Sex


And here I thought that using emojis when texting chicks was looked down upon.


These Poop Emoji Shoes Are Worth Every Damn Poop Dollar Spent On Them


Any poop dollar you choose to spend on these poop emoji shoes is a dollar well spent, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

What if NFL teams had Emojis

If Every NFL Team Had An Emoji For Week 1 This Is What They’d Look Like


We're only ONE DAY away from the official kickoff of the NFL season, and in honor of that our friends over at the RSVLTS put together emojis of every team going in to week 1.


A Bro’s Guide To Emojis


More like e-bro-ji.

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