Fooji Is An All Emoji Food Delivery Service And You’ll Use It Because Words Suck, Pictures Are Gooder


Fooji is set to launch next month here in NYC, and it's seeking to be the first ever 'all emoji food delivery service', because there's one thing that makes ordering food annoying it's all those pesky words you have to read and/or type out to ensure your food comes prepared correctly.

the big lebowski

Here’s What ‘The Big Lebowski’ Would Look Like If Told Entirely In Emoji


Man, you didn't need The Big Lebowski emoji script, but you have it now.


Get Your Shit Together America! Worldwide Study Says Canada Sends Most Poop Emojis On The Planet!

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The good people at SwiftKey (Which is my go-to Android keyboard) analyzed over 1 billion pieces of data to determine the most popular emojis around the world.


These Poop Emoji Shoes Are Worth Every Damn Poop Dollar Spent On Them


Any poop dollar you choose to spend on these poop emoji shoes is a dollar well spent, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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