Gwen Stefani Does Not Know How to Pronounce Stephen Colbert’s Name


If Beyonce can pronounce "surfboard" as "surf-bort," then damnit if Gwen Stefani can't pronounce "Colbert" as "Col-bort.


Chris Bosh Perfectly Photobombed Matthew McConaughey at the Emmys


Say what you want about Chris Bosh, the man knows how to pull of the perfect photobomb.

Hayden Panettiere

Cameraman at the Emmys Red Carpet Zooms In On Hayden Panettiere’s Boobs


A cameraman working the red carpet at the Emmys just gave Hayden Panettiere the most serious case of elevator eyes I've ever witnessed.

Sofia Vergara video

Sofia Vergara played beer pong last night on ‘Fallon’


Sofia Vergara has been pretty much everywhere these days so last night she made a visit to Jimmy Fallon.

wardrobe malfunctions

Sofia Vergara celebrated the Emmys with some sexy dancing


Modern Family did really well last night at the Emmys winning a couple of awards including Outstanding Comedy Series, so what did Sofia Vergara do to celebrate.

Kat Dennings video

Kat Dennings won the Emmy Awards last night


Well, Kat Dennings didn't win an actual award, but as anyone who watched the show will attest, she should have.

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