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As Expected, Stephen Colbert Took the Time to Gloat Magnificently About His Emmy Win Last Night

I knew this was coming. We ALL knew this was coming. And I can't tell you how happy I was when Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report won

Guy Gets Stuck Behind Neil Patrick Harris At the Emmys, Super Awkward GIF Ensues

Smooth, guy. Real smooth. No one saw you back there... 

The Hottest Girls at the 2012 Emmys

Did you read our 2012 Emmy Live Blog? You should! Now let's get down to what's important: Who were the hottest babes in attendance at TV's

Live Blogging the 2012 Jimmy Kimmel-Hosted Emmy Awards

Live blog!

‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Mad Men,’ Louis C.K. Receive Emmy Nominations

The Emmy nominees were announced this morning, with "Mad Men" and "American Horror Story" leading the pack with 17 nominations each. "Mad Men," which has

This is How Jeremy Piven Walked Around LA One Day After the ‘Entourage” Finale

I have no idea what lead him to do this, especially one day after "Entourage" ended forever. The finale wasn't exactly so good that we'll

PHOTOS: Christina Hendricks and Sofia Vergara Battle for Best B**bs at the Emmy’s

Christina Hendricks' b**bs nearly swept the Emmy Awards last night, edging out Sofia Vergara's cleavage in most of the major categories. Both voluptuous ladies'