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PHOTO: Jennifer Lawrence Shoved Emma Watson in the Face Today


Emma Watson Looks Like The Hottest College Grad Ever

We posted Emma Watson's selfie from Brown graduation on Saturday, but now there are more pics. MARRY US, EMMA.

Emma Watson Took a Graduation Selfie

Emma Watson graduated from Brown University today.

Someone Made a Supercut of Emma Watson Being a Super Hot Bad Bitch

It's a confirmed fact that Emma Watson is the apple of every Bro's eye.

Thought Emma Watson Couldn’t Get Any Hotter? She’s Now a Yoga Instructor


I Can’t Stop Looking at This Photo of Jennifer Watson — Or Is It Emma Lawrence?

Very nice.

Emma Watson Looked Flawlessly HOT at the Oscars

On the Oscar hotness scale, Emma Watson > Jennifer Lawrence.

BROS, Emma Watson Is SINGLE!

Last month, we brought you the devastating news of Alex Morgan's engagement. 

The Trailer for ‘Noah,’ a Film about Noah’s Ark Starring Russell Crowe (As Noah), Is Here

This is a movie about a thunderstorm that may or may not have happened 4,000 years ago. 

Is Emma Watson Getting Naked for ‘50 Shades of Grey?’

No. She never was.

This Steve Buscemi and Emma Watson FaceMashup is the Most Horrifying Thing You’ll See Today


Congrats, Brown Bros: Emma Watson is Returning to School

In a return to school more dramatic than that time Harry wrecked the flying car into the Weeping Willow—that might be a fireable joke—the lovely

We Honor One of the Greats in This Week’s Hottie Index

There’s a wide range of scope in this week’s Hottie Index as we share the names of two girls who may

Watch the Trailer for ‘The Bling Ring,’ Feat. Emma Watson, Emma Watson, and More Emma Watson

Ever wonder what it'd be like if Emma Watson was a bratty American bad girl who decides to rob Paris Hilton with her equally bratty

Emma Watson Poses for Her Hottest Photoshoot Yet

Emma Watson is on the cover of British GQ magazine, dishing to the rag about her upcoming movie, The Bling Ring, the trailer that gave us the

The 10 Hottest Emma Watson GIFs of All Time

I think we can all agree that this is the hottest Emma Watson GIF of all time, correct? Meanwhile, our Bros over at Guyism found

Here’s the Great Emma Watson Auditioning to Be My Future Girlfriend, Plus the Day’s Best Links

Emma Watson gives us all something to strive for. Image via.

Tread Lightly: Emma Watson Most Dangerous Celeb to Search for Online

Searching for Emma Watson online will give your a computer a virus so bad not even a well-timed Avada Kedavra curse can destroy it.

Betting Odds: Who Should Play the Female Lead in ‘50 Shades of Grey’ Movie?

As society at large continues to tell us, the housewife sensation "50 Shades of Grey" is basically p*rnography in book form. Among other things, this

Brits, Babes from the Block, and Golf WAGS In the New Hottie Index: Hosted by Jenn Sterger

The Hottie Index is back for another week of analyzing which celebrity babes are currently relevant. It’s really a hard job, but someone has to

The 25 Hottest Actresses and Singers with Really Short Hair

  Earlier today, Emma Watson — aka Hermione from the "Harry Potter" movies — was a top trending topic on Twitter. I clicked on her name