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Watch Emma Stone Talk To David Letterman About Ghostly Ectoplasm-Crusted Quarters


Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon Had a Lip Sync Battle and HOLY SHIT Emma is Good

She's got all the intangibles like you hear Mel Kiper and Jon Gruden talking about.

Want to See Emma Stone Freak Out In a Truly Evil Prank?

  Graham Norton played a truly evil prank on Emma Stone, who just might be the #1 fan of the […]

Underwear is Optional in This Week’s Hottie Index

With the Olympics over, it’s time to shift the hottie focus back to the general population. But we don’t completely abandon the Olympic […]

Andrew Garfield Played Hoops With Some Kids While Wearing the Spider-Man Suit

Andrew Garfield is British, so it goes without saying that he sucks at basketball. He attempted to overcome this condition by playing with his Spider-Man

NEW DRINKING GAME: ‘Mustache Movie’

Drinking games often get stale to the point of overuse. Sure pong and flip cup are staples, but pregaming with a buddy or three never

This Man Has No Shame, Plus Your Best Links Of The Day

This falls somewhere between tremendously unfortunate and tremendously inspiring. Via. Follow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus.