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Bro Sends Vicious Email Trashing His Boss and Boss’s Family, CC’s Errbody



This isn't nam there are rules,

Winner of a Fantasy Football League Sends Two Hilarious Emails to Entire League About Not Getting Paid

Don't be that guy who waits the entire season to pay his dues.

Douchebag Frat Bros Writes E-mail to ‘Save the Sluts’

Another day, another frat douchebag stupid enough to send an inflammatory e-mail over his listserve. This time it comes via Sigma Chi at William and Mary,

Douchebag Frat Bros Write E-mail to ‘Save the Sluts’

Another day, another frat douchebag stupid enough to send an inflammatory e-mail over his listserve. This time it comes via Sigma Chi at William and Mary,

College Student Emails Professor Asking for Better Grade, Professor Knocks Him Down a Few Pegs

All this Redditor/college student wanted was a 0.78 bump in his grade so he could get an A in his chemistry class instead of a

Future Banker Sends Hilariously Bro-y Email Calling Wells Fargo Recruiters ‘Boners’ and ‘Doofuses’

Since the life of a #financebro is not an especially exciting one—during the time spent in the office, at least—the guys on Wall Street eagerly trade emails

This is What an Email Chain Between Peyton Manning and Papa John Looks Like

Peyton Manning and Papa John's are business partners (sort of). I've managed to intercept an email chain between the two of them. Peyton is kind

College Kid Sends Ridiculous Email to Accounting Recruiter, Sees It Go Viral on Wall Street

So this email is currently going viral among the #financebros of New York. The common reaction seems to be, "Hey, maybe don't act this way with a college

Hamptons ‘Young Professionals’ Destroy Summer Share House, Receive Appropriate Email

It's a New York summer tradition. Large packs of finance bros and fashion betches—it never really feels appropriate for a guy to use that word,

Bro Shares Humorous Letter From Commissioner of His Fantasy Football League

Fantasy football and betting and pick 'em leagues and knockout pools really fuel our craving to watch football. They make that Jets-Dolphins games almost (ALMOST)

Here’s an NYU Law Student Blasting His Neighbors on a School-Wide Email

NYU Law has a school-wide listserv that's normally used to sell furniture, trade books, and acquire signatures for whatever constitutes the Timely Petition of the

You’re a Dumbass If You Think a ‘JP Morgan CEO’ Actually Wrote This ‘Letter to a Gold Digging Girl’

This chain e-mail is older than Gordon Gekko's syphilitic mistress, yet people won't stop e-mailing it to us today because they just discovered the Internet or something.  Hey

Read a Funny and Exhaustive 21-Point Email Suspending a Fraternity

During the final days of 2013's spring semester, a group of fraternity guys at a nameless college on the West Coast "admittedly should have cleaned

10 Ways to Write the Perfect Fraternity Email

I wanted to stay on it. I really did. I remembered its glory days—how it used to be the place for stupid yet brilliant humor,

Yale Law Student Sends Blistering Open Letter to Classmates, Calls Them ‘Uptight Motherf*ckers’

Law school can be a tough place. You put in long hours studying hopelessly boring material. You're constantly competing against awful classmates. Your whole grade,

Vandy Bro Sends Epic Email to Econ Professor Asking for Advice in Love Life

This just fell in the tip jar from an anonymous guy who saw the email on his frat listserv, and we had to publish it immediately. 

10 Types of Bros You Find in Every E-mail Chain

For the collegiate or post collegiate male, email chains are not so much a way to keep in touch with friends as they are a

Hook-Up Zeros: Guy Sends a Few Pathetic Emails to a Girl

Today a reader forwarded us two grossly pathetic emails that a rather desperate guy sent a girl this week after meeting her on the ski

Fraternity Survey Asks Members: ‘If You Could Rape Someone, Who Would it Be?’

Word to the wise, if you send an email to 100 people, and one of the questions within is "If you could rape someone, who

In 2007 Shaq Asked a Female Newsweek Reporter to Set Him Up with Rihanna Via Email

In 2007, a female writer for Newsweek, Allison Samuels, had a professional relationship with Shaq. She covered him for years and even helped his mother

Former Titan and Career Special Teamer, Donnie Nickey Sends Email With Some Choice Words for the NFL

The No Fun League's efforts to extend it's new found love of player safety into special teams has the Chicago Bears, and at least one

Reader Emails Us His Tab Claiming His Apartment Destruction Is More Impressive

Earlier today, our resident wonder boy, Stevie Chay Vaughan IV, posted an email we received from a landlord to his college-age tenants. That resulted in