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Elon University Professor Dismissed After Sending Sexual Texts to Student (w/Messages)

Hot Elon University news right here.

GoPro Video from Elon’s Festivus 2014 Proves That Elon Goes HARD

Last spring our own Andy Moore went to North Carolina to attend Elon's annual boozy mud-a-palooza, Festivus.

Brian Williams’ Graduation Speech to Elon’s Class of 2013 Includes a Special Message to His Son

This speech is the best thing you'll watch today. Here at BroBible, we have a lot of love for Elon. It mostly has to do

How We Party: Elon University

Welcome back to How We Party, the column where your debaucherous extracurricular education gets a GPA. This week, we're thumbin our

Juicebox, East Infection, and The Bigger Guys Create Music Video About ‘The REAL Elon University’

I'm like Switzerland when it comes to Elon University: Blissfully neutral. Don't really know anything about it and too long out of college to really

Ray Lewis’ Motivational Speech to the Elon Football Team

This video has been blowing around the Interwebs today like a Kuwaiti sandstorm and it's about time we shared it. Last week Baltimore Ravens linebacker