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Brian Williams’ Graduation Speech to Elon’s Class of 2013 Includes a Special Message to His Son

This speech is the best thing you'll watch today. Here at BroBible, we have a lot of love for Elon. It mostly has to do

How We Party: Elon University

Welcome back to How We Party, the column where your debaucherous extracurricular education gets a GPA. This week, we're

Juicebox, East Infection, and The Bigger Guys Create Music Video About ‘The REAL Elon University’

I'm like Switzerland when it comes to Elon University: Blissfully neutral. Don't really know anything about it and

Ray Lewis’ Motivational Speech to the Elon Football Team

This video has been blowing around the Interwebs today like a Kuwaiti sandstorm and it's about time we