chris bosh

An NBA Star Was A Guest DJ For Ellen DeGeneres And Your Guess Of Chris Bosh Is Absolutely Correct


Honestly, I'm surprised Chris Bosh hadn't spun records on Ellen before his appearance on Tuesday.


Jennifer Lawrence talks about ‘dropping a boob’


Ellen wanted the most retweeted photo in the history of Twitter.

the best gifs

GIFterpiece Theatre: Woman takes unbelievable tumble on ‘Ellen’


This woman was so excited and she just couldn't hide it, leading to an unbelievable tumble on the Ellen show.


Scary prank makes The Walking Dead’s Governor scream like a bitch


The Governor is a character a lot of critics of The Walking Dead are tired of.

kaley cuoco makes animal noises

Kaley Cuoco plays Catch Phrase on ‘Ellen’


Kaley Cuoco spent a few minutes on The Ellen Show making ridiculous animal noises while playing with Ellen's new app, "Heads Up.

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