Brave New York Giants Fan Burns Jersey Of Two-Time Super Bowl Winner Eli Manning


The New York Giants laid an egg in Detroit Monday night, losing 35-14 and looking like a flaming pile of garbage.

NY Giants

Monday Night Brought The Return Of “Manning Face”


One of the joys of the NFL season is watching Eli Manning struggle and make dumb faces.

Eli Manning

Detroit Lions LB DeAndre Levy Makes Absurd One-Handed Interception Off Opponent’s Leg


Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy made a crazy one-handed interception off of an Eli Manning pass in Monday night's game vs the NY Giants.

Super Bowl

Eli Manning Is the Saddest Broncos Fan Ever


Eli Manning face made an appearance at the Super Bowl.

San Diego Chargers

Eli Manning as Marilyn Monroe is disturbingly hilarious


I'm both mesmerized and terrified of this Eli Manning picture from yesterday's Chargers game.

Eli Manning

25 Struggle Faces as Bad as Eli Manning’s


Though he's certainly the most notable, Eli Manning isn't the only Bro in sports with a ridiculous struggle face.


Choose your favorite Eli Manning face photo filter


After throwing his third interception last night, Eli Manning gave us a Manningface for the ages.

Torrey Smith

9 Season-Saving Trade Targets in Fantasy Football


With three weeks in the books, it's probably time to start looking into the trade market.


Eli Manning’s Hilarious Derp Face is Back


We waited over eight months for the glorious return of Eli Manning’s DERP face but it was worth it.

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