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Peyton and Eli Manning Drop ‘Fantasy Football Fantasy,’ A Late Contender for Song of the Summer

Viral marketing.

Eli Manning Dancing To Better Than Ezra Is the Most White Person Thing to Have Ever White Personed

The whiteness of this is blinding.

Eli Manning Is the Saddest Broncos Fan Ever

Eli Manning face made an appearance at the Super Bowl. Most despondent look ever. But do you think secretly he's happy that he has more

Chargers Fans Turned Eli Manning Into ‘ShEli’ Manning With Most Cringe-Worthy Head-Cutout Ever

Come on, Chargers fans. I know Eli Manning is not your favorite son -- dating back to when he forced you to send him to

25 Struggle Faces as Bad as Eli Manning’s

Though he's certainly the most notable, Eli Manning isn't the only Bro in sports with a ridiculous struggle face...

9 Season-Saving Trade Targets in Fantasy Football

With three weeks in the books, it's probably time to start looking into the trade market. It's rare that a team is in such good

Eli Manning’s Hilarious Derp Face is Back

We waited over eight months for the glorious return of Eli Manning’s DERP face but it was worth it. The New York Giants quarterback displayed

Peyton and Eli Manning Sang a Song About Football and Phones

This is being heralded as the “greatest thing on the internet.” Don’t blame me for that claim. I only report the facts.

Eli Manning Is Not Amused By His F*cking Iced Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts

This morning, New York-Tristate Dunkin Donuts tweeted out this glorious photo of their prized Super Bowl champion-winning pitchman, Eli Manning:

20 Best Weekend Sports GIFs, Fresh NFL Power Rankings, and More Weekend Sports Links

As you come back down to earth from the Thanksgiving weekend that was, here is some choice sports news and entertainment to prevent you from

25 Hilarious Athlete Tweets, a 6-7, 225 Ib Eighth Grader, and More Weekend Sports Links

A wacky weekend around the NFL leads us to some wacky sports links. Enjoy the madness:

Week Two Highlights Roundup: Watch Trent Richardson Go Into Beast Mode, Plus a Victor Cruz Salsa

Oh, glorious football Sunday! We've spent a good portion of it in a nearby bar, but we've recovered enough to deliver some GIFs and videos

Hilarious Outtakes from Peyton, Eli and Deion’s DirecTV Sunday Ticket Spots

NFL Sundays are getting so close, you can taste it. The aromas of wings and spilt beer, the epic NFL on CBS theme song and

Sports Links For June 19th: The Crazy Fan Edition

Your daily dose of sports and entertainment from our friends around the web: 100 Hottest Olympians of 2012 [Bleacher Report] Why Grandma Shouldn't Be At CWS [Busted

Eli Manning Hosts SNL: ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Mother’s Day Commercial and 5 Other Highlights

More often than not, sports figures drop the metaphorical ball when they host SNL. Charles Barkley's show earlier this season earned more yawns than laughs.

Student of Comedy Eli Manning Will Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

I have good news for you if you’ve ever wanted to see Eli Manning try his hand at comedy. The New York Giants quarterback will

Linsanity, Redemption, MVP Performances, and Someone Who Left the Party Far Too Soon

Biggest poaching weekend of the year, boys! While some chicks are out being wined and dined by their boyfriends all the available birds will be

Peyton Manning Wrote in His High School Yearbook ‘Watch Out World, Eli’s the Best One’

Paty Pie (one of Peyton's high school nicknames that desperately needs a comeback) called it in his senior yearbook, "Watch out World, Eli's the best

Peyton Manning Has Note From Doctor Saying He Can Play

Things are just never going to change for Eli Manning. Here he is on the cusp of potentially winning his second Super Bowl, and he

Someone Parodied ‘I Believe I Can Fly,’ with the Pro-Giants Melody, ‘I Believe in Eli’

Anyone can take a dance song and make a fun sports parody song out of it. However to take a slow, soulful R&B

A Lot of Twists, Turns, and Plot Changes in This Week’s Bros of the Week

Before I get into all this Bro of the Week nonesense, I'd like to let you know that I've got a nice little weekend ahead of

Is Eli Manning One of the Top 5 Quarterbacks in the NFL?

Had a good debate going over Christmas break with my brothers, yesterday afternoon at the bar with J. Camm and Mr. T, and last night on

Here’s Peyton And Eli Manning’s Trailer for ‘Football Cops’

Here we have a trailer for DirecTV's upcoming fall ad campaign, "Football Cops," staring the mustachioed Manning Brothers. The premise: Two football-wielding cops fight bad