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Kim Kardashian Got Attacked By an Elephant While Taking a Selfie

This elephant is sick of 2014.

Elephant ATTACKS and FLIPS Safari Jeep in Kruger National Park

Seems like the right decision would have been to DRIVE THE FUCKING JEEP. But just sitting there and taking it worked, too. 

When a Drunk Man Charges at an Elephant, You Should Expect the Unexpected

This could've turned out one way. Instead, it turned out another. This man lives, until another destructive decision stumbles across his path. I've been watching Final

Two Elephants Going At It Ends In Predictably Gross Fashion

Stay with it until the end. Or don't. Your call. 

Elephant Flings Crap at Zoo Goer, Leaves the Man COVERED in Feces

I don't know what velocity an elephant can thrust its trunk at, or the basic consistency of the animal's excrement, but MY GOD, the beast