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Jon Stewart’s Post-Election ‘Avalanche On Bullsh*t Mountain’

Did anyone watch Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, and Bill O'Reilly meltdown on Fox News the other night? The pundit-vs-real newsroom meltdown after Fox called Ohio for

Presidential Election Outcome Causes a ‘Racially-Charged Incident’ at Hampden-Sydney College

First there was the alleged "riot" at Ole Miss with racial slurs, burning signs and students throwing rocks at cars. Now there are reports of

10 Things to Do If Your Candidate Lost the Presidential Election

So last night may not have gone well for you if you voted for Mitt Romney. And today, you may still be sitting there in

‘America’s a Quick Drunk and an Easy Lay’: Stephen Colbert Responds to the Election Results

Well, the election is over. I have no idea what the results will mean for our country over the next clip of time, but I

Breaking: New Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard May Be Really Hot

Tulsi Gabbard became the first Hindu-American to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives by defeating K. Crowley in Hawaii’s second Congressional district

A Lot of People Are Convinced Diane Sawyer Was Wasted During ABC’s Election Coverage

Anyone watching ABC News’ coverage of the election couldn’t help but notice Diane Sawyer was acting, uh, a bit erratically and a lot like an

A Jubilant Barack Obama Raps MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’

Americans took to the polls in droves yesterday and sent a resounding message: They want to see four more years of Barack Obama singing popular

Stupid Sh*t Bill O’Reilly Says: ‘The White Establishment Is Now The Minority’

"The white establishment is now the minority... It's not a traditional America anymore" -- Bill O'Reilly, November 6, 2012. Presented for the sake of presenting

This Voting Machine in Pennsylvania Won’t Let You Vote for Barack Obama

Allegedly! As spotted at the tippy-top of Reddit today. Real? Fake? We'll see... Anyone else have voting issues today? Let us know in the

Drunk Kansas State Fans Answer Today’s Debate: Which Candidate Would You Rather Tailgate With?

Today, millions of people will head to the polls to vote in the 57th straight Most Important Election of Your Life, picking between the man

Presenting the Most Extreme Political Ad of the Year

It’s 2012 and our attention spans have never been shorter. This is the obvious byproduct: A political ad so fragmented that it makes zero sense

Tomorrow Night’s South Park Episode is Called ‘Obama Wins!’

Don't shoot the messenger, but tomorrow night's South Park episode is called "Obama Wins!" I hope I didn't spoil anything for anyone. 

Here’s Our Official Election Day Results Drinking Game

It's the most important day in a democracy: Election Day! If you haven't cast your ballot yet, what the hell are you waiting for? After

Obama Pledges All Sorts of Support for Ohio After Hurricane Sandy in SNL Dress Rehearsal Sketch

It's pretty easy to see why this didn't make the cut for this past week's Saturday Night Live. Still, I can't wait until the votes

The 25 Funniest Political Videos of the 2012 Campaign

Tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for. After billions of dollars spent, thousands of campaign ads run, and hundreds of parody Twitter accounts

Will Ferrell Will Do Anything to Get You to Vote

Yeah, it's an Obama ad and that's probably going to piss a fair number of you off. But it's also Will Ferrell doing what Will

Chris Rock Delivers Funny Message for White Voters on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Guess what? The election is over in three days! Thank God, right?

You Can Probably Guess Who Mr. Burns is Endorsing for President

It seems every celebrity is rushing to make their presidential endorsement. For the most part, we ignore these because, honestly, who cares who Paris Hilton

This Dude in Indiana Got Paid $15,000 for a Mitt Romney Tattoo

Everyone has to make a living somehow, right? 

Meat Loaf Performs Worst Rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ Next to a Mortified Mitt Romney

Goddamn it, Meatloaf. I’ve supported you through thick and thin because of your awesome name and CD art and this is how you repay me?


Lena Dunham’s ‘Sexy’ Ad for Barack Obama is All Kinds of Awful

I’m the least political person you’ll ever meet, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this flaming pile of dog crap.

‘Obama One Percent: Secret Video’ Is a Tremendous Spoof of Romney’s 47 Percent Leaked Video

"Funions. Onions that are fun." 

Conan Delivers Hilarious Message to Florida: The Presidential Race Is Terrifyingly Up to You

Look, we like Florida. It's a land of many great things: Beautiful beaches, nice people, hot coeds, and depending on where you stand, Tim Tebow.

Here’s Our Official Presidential Debate Drinking Game, Foreign Policy Edition

All good things must come to an end. Alas, tonight is the last evening to collectively get sloshed while watching Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Watch Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Tell Jokes and Make Fun of Joe Biden at a Charity Dinner

We can all use a break from politics right about now, right? Last night both Presidential candidates took a night off the campaign trail to

‘Binders Full of Women’ is the Definitive Rap Song on Mitt Romney’s Strong Office Pimp Hand

Barack Obama got the coveted Jay-Z endorsement + viral video the other day, but methinks Mitt Romney could take advantage of this guy and

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Shockingly Disagree as to Who Won Tuesday’s Presidential Debate

Thank god for real news because without it fake news wouldn't exist and without fake news I'd be stuck watching reruns of "Storage Wars" every

Tagg Romney Wanted to ‘Take a Swing’ at Barack Obama for Calling His Dad a Liar

Tuesday night’s presidential debate was pretty contentious and entertaining. If Mitt Romney’s eldest son, Tagg, had his way, it would have spawned the

The Best of Mitt Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ Meme

Didn't take long for Mitt Romney's statement "binders full of women" in reference to women entering the workforce to get the meme. Hey, it's the pullquote

Jay-Z’s ‘The Power of Our Voice’ Video Tells Us Why We Should Vote

He essentially tells us why we should vote for Obama, but we'll leave the more propaganda-based elements out for now.

Introducing ‘Take the ‘R’ Train,’ A Pro-Romney Ballad That Perhaps Goes Too Far

OK, this takes a pretty interesting turn around the two-minute mark. At first it just seems like an older gentleman with pleasant facial hair singing

Here’s Our Official Presidential Debate Drinking Game, Town Hall Edition

Wahooo! It's another debate night, which means another evening of casual workday boozing infront of the TV. You slob! Before we get started, just ask

Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama: The Epic Rap Battle

Barack vs. Mitt in an epic rap battle, who ya got? The winner here couldn't be more clear: Abe Motherf*ckin' Lincoln.

Behind The Scenes At The Paul Ryan Workout Shoot

Second City delivers the first really good lampooning of Paul Ryan's bro-core Time workout photoshoot. So money: “There are a lot of politicians you

5 Ways We Can Use Political Mudslinging In Our Daily Lives

The 2012 Presidential election has this great nation divided more than any other election I’ve witnessed in my brief time on this planet. Conservatives and

Jon Stewart Calls Out ‘You Magnificent Bastards’

Did you watch Joe Biden rope-a-dope with Paul Ryan last night? Brilliant stuff, man. But if you're getting nauseated by presidential politics, check out Thursday's

Paul Ryan’s Time Workout Photos Suggest He’s the Bro-iest Bro on the Presidential Ticket, Bro

Way back in August, right after Paul Ryan was picked as Mitt Romney's runningmate, Gawker asked me to weigh in on the Bro


This GIF Prank Would Wake Anybody Up, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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Hilarious ‘Obama for America’ Ad Praises Romney for Standing Up to the Evil Genius Known As Big Bird

"It's simple...We kill the Big Bird." 

Will ‘Mitt Romney Rap’ Change Anyone’s Minds on Election Day?

Not going to say a lot here, you can formulate your own opinions. This probably isn't going to sway anyone's voting choice on election day,