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Minor League Baseball Player Loses Mind After Being Ejected, Slides into Home


Dwight Howard’s Lakers Career Summed Up in 2 Horribly Embarrassing Minutes

Dwight Howard’s time in Los Angeles has been pretty awful for all involved parties. Over the weekend, news emerged that the discontented big man would

John Wall Tells Klay Thompson He’s Gonna Knock Him Out, Gets Ejected

In the heat of the game, emotions run high. Wall let it get the best of him. 

Hockey Coach Protests Terrible Refs By Pretending to be Blind, Staggering Across Ice

Insinuating that a referee is blind is a cherished sports tradition. It’s hurtful, not politically correct, and not grounded in reality. Chris Clark, an assistant

Amir Johnson Wrestles With Referee, Gets Ejected, Tosses His Mouthpiece in Anger

This has to be one of the dumber ways for an NBA player to get ejected.