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Egypt Seems Chill: Their Version of Jon Stewart Forced to Quit Citing Threats

Who needs comedy when you have violent rioting?

Egyptian Photographer Films Moment He’s Killed By a Sniper

Egyptian photographer Ahmed Assem was in Cairo filming protests outside the offices of the country’s army when he was shot and killed. He captured the

Egyptian Soccer Riot Leaves At Least 73 Dead, Hundreds Injured

Riots broke out after a soccer match in Egypt today, leaving at least 73 people dead and hundreds more injured. After Al-Ahly beat

CBS Reporter Lara Logan Brutally Sexually Assaulted, Beaten in Egypt

Yikes, terrible news in the wake of the otherwise jubilant Egypt uprising last week. CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan is now in a U.S.

Another Day of Violence in Egypt; Girl Finds Racy Message on Candy Heart

Here are this morning's top news headlines: Egypt: At least 800 people were injured and 5 killed yesterday in Cairo in violence between pro-Mubarak and anti-Mubarak