Euro Bro On The Beach Somehow Gets Away With Cracking Eggs On The Back Of Sunbathing Women

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Eggs on the beach is less exciting than sex on the beach, but still cool.


This Is a Strangely Erotic One Minute Video About Eggs


Eggs are cool and all, but this is weird.


Justin Bieber Will Only Face Misdemeanor Charges for Egging Incident


Crime of the century downgraded to much smaller crime.


25 Things People Do When High on Drugs


Earlier this week we learned a lesson in how drugs can affect your decision-making.

ham egg and cheese

How to make Baked Eggs in Ham Cups


  Yung Humma and Flynt Flossy have an entire song dedicated to choosing between fried or fertilized eggs, but I prefer mine baked.

turducken eating record

15 unbelievable competitive eating records


We've all been proud (or ashamed) of how much we've eaten before, but these competitive eating records will make you look like an anorexic girl in a buffet line.

inside out breakfast burrito

Epic Meal Time ‘Inside-Out Breakfast Burrito Burrito’


Epic Meal Time created an Inside-Out Breakfast Burrito Burrito with a meager 53,646 calories and 3,578 grams of fat.

Simon Cowell egged

Simon Cowell gets eggs thrown at him on TV


To those about to throw eggs at Britain's Got Talent judges, we salute you.

what your style of eggs say about you

What your style of eggs says about you


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, not for dietary reasons, but so I can properly judge you.


Bizarre French Underwear Commercial Features A Lot of Nut-Smashing


It looks like tighty whiteys are still garnering a significant share of the underwear market in France.


Don’t Worry, Eating Eggs Is Not As Bad For You As Smoking


You may have seen this take over your Facebook feed yesterday, mainly propagated by girls who post a lot of Instagram photos of their brunches: "OMG, eggs are as bad as smoking.

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