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New Study Finds Pot-Smoking Students Outperform Cigarette Smokers

Smart people toke.

#GrindIng for Finals? Watch This Video Called ‘I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate’

If you're trying to get motivated for finals, I highly watch this video by spoken word artist Suli Breaks. It's called "I Will Not Let

Why Everything You Learned In Pokemon Alone Should Get You Into College

I’m gonna assume that all of you have played Pokemon at some point. And unless you are some form of extraterrestrial life masquerading as a

Michigan State Finally Offering Crucial Class on Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse

Colleges love coming up with ridiculous courses for students to pay good money to skip. The descriptions for these out-of-the-box classes always seem awesome, but

P*rn-Seeking Students Discover English Teacher’s Dangling Participle

An Australian teacher is taking a leave of absence while allegations that he made a adult entertainment with one of his former students are explored.