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Edmonton Oilers Center Sam Gagner Broke His Jaw Two Days Ago, Finally Shares Photo

It's about goddamn time, Sam, you bogartin' son of a bitch. I mean, in this day in age, with technology everywhere, this photo should have been

Up and Comer Foxes has Dropped a Sweet Video for ‘Youth’

You may best know Foxes as the voice from Zedd's smash-hit Clarity. Now, Louisa Rose Allen is taking her career to the next level, as evident by

Taylor Hall Gets Slashed in the Face by Teammate’s Skate in Warmups

As in a vicious cockfight, being on the ice in the NHL requires having your head on a swivel—even during the usually uneventful pre-game warmups.

Bono Hitchhikes in Canada, Gets Picked Up by Edmonton Oiler

Bono Edmonton Hitchhiking

The Vancouver Canucks weren't the only Canadian hockey players making headlines this week. Gilbert Brule of the Edmonton Oilers and