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Ashley Sky Dripping Wet Makes the #Selfie Music Video Oh So So So Much Better

Going to need a couple minutes after watching this remix of The Chainsmoker's Selfie.

Anthony Bourdain DESTROYS EDM in Epic Rant

Hey ravers: Anthony Bourdain is sick of your shit.

GOOD NEWS EDM FANS: Miami Isn’t Going to Cancel Ultra Next Year!!!

Good news, raver Bros: Despite what was previously reported, your annual PLUR-life molly-popping extravaganza in Miami isn't going to be canceled. Woooo! Book those tickets.

These EDM Babies Live for the Drop

Wait for it... Wait for it... Wait for it...

What DJs Do These Days: A Hilarious Video About How Silly EDM Concerts Are Sometimes

I can't stop laughing at this.

Miami’s Mayor Made a Video of Just How Terrible EDM Fans Are at Ultra, Plans to Cancel the Festival

It's no secret that EDM fans act like animals hopped up on Special K at Ultra, their annual spring PLUR cult orgy in Miami.

Deadmau5 Performed a Two Hour Live Set From His Basement Because … Who Fucking Knows

EDM DJs are the fucking weirdest.

Deadmau5 Pulls an Epic Troll During His Ultra Set, Then Gets In a Pissing-match with Tiësto RE: Avicii

I'm 100% convinced that big name EDM DJs are the biggest douchebag divas in the world.

Does Anyone Know Why Avicii Had to Go to the Hospital? Is Ultra Cursed?

Apparently there's some speculation that Miami's big EDM festival week is "CUUUUUUURSED" this year. Avicii and Afrojack have both had to go to the hospital.

Arty, ATB, and Lil Jon: The Hottest Party In Miami Next Weekend Is at The Clevelander Hotel

You guys ready for Ultra/WMC weekend?

You Can Watch Lil Jon’s New Music Video, But You Better Take LSD, Cocaine and Ecstasy First

It cray.

This Video Perfectly Describes Every Douchebag EDM Snob Ever

I’ve been on a huge neo-dub-psychedelic garage grunge house kick lately. This video from Nacho Punch perfectly describes every EDM snob [...]

Let’s All Laugh at These Silly Ravers Dancing to the Benny Hill Song

OK, sure, these Dutch ravers at the 2013 Awakenings Festival are not really dancing to “Yakety Sax.” Still, who doesn’t enjoy making [...]

TomorrowWorld Tickets On Sale Now!

Bros…. Huge news: The tickets for September’s TomorrowWorld 2014  are now officially ON SALE!!!!. Last year more than 140,000 fans attended the [...]

Bros: Tickets for TomorrowWorld — the Best Damn EDM Festival In the Country — Go on Sale on Saturday!

The hype for festival season is in full swing. If you don’t have September 26 – 28 circled on your [...]

Las Vegas Has Awesome Rules for DJs Playing Sets After 3AM

It's about damn time someone stepped in to police overpaid DJs being lazy-asses during their sets. New Vegas club AFTER just posted a list of

Farrah Abraham E-mailed Us This Afternoon About EDM, Clubbing In NYC, Bodypaint and the Super Bowl

You know what makes for a fun Wednesday afternoon at work? When an e-mail from Farrah Abraham herself drops in your inbox. Tomorrow night Abraham will

Farrah Abraham E-mailed Us This Afternoon About EDM, Clubbing In NYC, Bodypaint and the Super Bowl

You know what makes for a fun Wednesday afternoon at work? When an e-mail from Farrah Abraham herself drops in your inbox. Tomorrow night Abraham will

DeadMau5 and Porter Robinson Got Into a Bitch Fight on Twitter

I know nothing about EDM. I don't know who Porter Robinson is and I'm not even certain if he and DeadMau5 are technically "EDM" or


Ultra Music Festival Announces Its 2014 Line-Up

Book those planet tickets to Miami: Ultra just announced its line-up for the 2013 Ultra Music Festival. Here's what's interesting about this year: It's not just going

Avicii’s Music Video for ‘Hey Brother’ Is a Tribute to the Sacrifices Our Troops Make

What a fascinating direction Tim Bergling's career has gone in since "Levels." His music video for "Hey Brother" is a pulpy tribute to the sacrifices the


Start the Weekend With BroBible Favorite Tim Gunter and His Bumping Remix of Oliver’s ‘MYB’

Our summer DJ Tim Gunter—who also pitched in a ridic Halloween power hour that makes up in JAMZ what it now lacks in

Daft Punk and Julian Casablancas Drop Sweet New Video for ‘Instant Crush’

Many a person's favorite song off Random Access Memories, "Instant Crush" finally gets the video treatment. Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas co-stars with the saddest wax


This Video Shows How Stupid EDM Raves Turn Full-Grown Adults Into Toddlers

Raves are apparently the cool thing to do these days if you're a college students. But are they? This video of someone allegedly "enjoying an electronic


Redditor Divulges the Personal Secrets, Sex Habits, and Drug Use of the World’s Top EDM DJs

Uh-oh. An interesting thread popped up on Reddit's Music sub earlier this week. It was an Ask Me Anything titled "I work VERY closely with


DJ Sets Out to Make the Worst Drops Ever, Succeeds

On Reddit last night, a former DJ with the name "mrdvno" wrote, "I hate how most electronic dance music is all about the drop now.


This Amazing 80-Second Video Shows Why EDM Will Always Be Inferior to Rock ‘N Roll

The other night BroBible's Reggie Noble and myself hit The Wynn's Surrender nightclub in Vegas for an excellent evening of raging our faces off. We


DJ Mag Names the Top 100 DJs of 2013

Is ranking EDM DJs like they're some sort of cog in the BCS-system machine important to you? Good news! DJ Magazine has announced it's

Justin Bieber Crashes an EDM DJ’s Set, Tries to Fight His Manager When He Doesn’t Play Hip-Hop

Today in "douche things Justin Bieber did." During EDM DJ Michael Woods’ set in South Korea, a swagged out, shirtless Bieber ran on the stage and


Paris Hilton and Lil Wayne’s New Video for ‘Good Time’ Is a Musical Car Crash



Lil Wayne Is the Star Of Paris Hilton’s New EDM Song

Is this real life? Everything is meaningless, including Lil Wayne's pre-2009 career accomplishments. Here's his verse on Paris Hilton's EDM "bangerz!!!":

"I'm f**ked up ... I


Do You Even Rave, Bro? 30 Pics From BroBible’s Trip Down South to TomorrowWorld

I had to head down to TomorrowWorld in the Chattahoochee Hills of Georgia this past weekend. How could you pass up the U.S. debut of


Angry Neighbor Leaves Awesome Note for an Aspiring EDM DJ Who Thinks His Music Is ‘The Shiznit’

Shout-out to this angry neighbor for destroying some aspiring EDM star who thinks his button-pressing Ableton skills are something special. The money quote? “I don’t piss


Stream Krewella’s New Album, ‘Get Wet’

The three headed mainstream meets EDM monster Krewella has been tearing things up this year: a label with major label Columbia Records, two huge radio


Check Out the Official Sampler for Michael Brun’s ‘Gravity’ EP

Now don’t forget that we got the chance to sit down and talk with up & coming Bro superstar DJ Michael Brun as he preps


Our Dude Kap Slap Drops ‘Back with Stacy’s Mom,’ a Welcome Fountains of Wayne Throwback

Who else—besides maybe early Girl Talk—can do mashups like Kap Slap? The DJ has long claimed he makes music for raging, and you can't deny


Watch the Awesome ‘Tomorrowland 2013’ Official After-Movie

I don't even particuarly enjoy EDM, but I'd give my left nut to attend Tomorrowland once. And if you're a HATERRRR, trust me: you'll change


Michael Brun Talks New EP, Dealing with Groupies, and Recognition from the World’s Top DJs

It's been an awesome ride so far for Hatian producer, Michael Brun. His slew of original releases and remixes have placed him at the top


Tim Gunter Drops Dope Remix of His Majesty Andre’s ‘Hymn’

From our Summer Mix maestro:

I recently came across His Majesty Andre’s stuff via Pandora and his track “Hymn” really caught my ear. Hymn is

EDM a.k.a. ‘Everyone Does Molly’: Who’s to Blame for Drugs in Dance Music Culture?

Before you can even delve into this topic, you have to ask the question, what is EDM? Technically it's classified as "electronic dance music", but