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Premiere: Watch the Lyric Video for Steve Aoki’s ‘Delirious (Boneless)’ feat. Kid Ink

L.A. rapper Kid Ink has brought Steve Aoki's track "Delirious (Boneless)" with Chris Lake and Tujamo come to life by adding lyrics.

Watch Steve Aoki Completely FAIL At Doing A Stage Dive And Wreck His DJ Set

Stick to throwin' cake, dude.

Identical Twin Brothers From Chicago are Living the Life as EDM DJs

Milk N Cookies are Chicago natives that have put out good music consistently this summer.

The Top 10 Highest Paid EDM DJs, Including One Who Earned $66 Million Last Year

Forbes has released its now-annual Electronic Cash Kings 2014 list ranking the biggest earners in the EDM world.

Reminder: We’re Giving Away Two Free Tickets to TomorrowWorld!

Bros... TomorrowWorld is around the corner and we have the hook-up for one lucky BroBible reader.

Bros: We’re Giving Away Two Free Tickets to TomorrowWorld

The countdown to the sickest EDM festival in the country is on.

Diplo Thinks Banning Kandi Bracelets at ‘Mad Decent Block Party’ Will Stop Drug Use at His Raves

Diplo is understandably sick of people going balls-to-the-wall and dying at his Mad Decent Block Party.

Start Your Week With ThatNewJamFM’s Electric Zoo Mix

Look no further for your weekend rage playlist.

Electric Zoo Releases an Anti-Molly PSA for Ravers

Electric Zoo got it's ass handed to it last Labor Day Weekend after two people died from overdosing on molly.

The Chainsmokers Drop New Single ‘KANYE,’ Along with a Top 10 List Of People Not Giving a Fuck

Today marks The Chainsmokers release of their follow-up to “Selfie” and also the duos Universal/Republic records debut.

10 New Acts You Must See at Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo is riiight around the corner.

Diplo’s ‘Mad Decent Block Party’ Results in 1 Death, 1 In Critical Condition, 20 Hospitalized, and 50 Underage Drinking Citations

Ugh... Another black-eye for the EDM scene.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Electric Zoo

As if you needed a reason in the first place.

Watch David Guetta’s Acid Trip Kick In, Have A Mild Stroke, Or Morph Into Matthew McConaughey At Tomorrowland

All 3 are strong possibilities.

Kygo Is Giving Away Schwag to the Electric Family

For those that don’t know, tropical house hero Kygo has been providing the perfect summertime vibes over the last couple months with incredible remixes of

Win a VIP Table For Capital Cities DJ Set On The Bounce Boat This Friday!

New York City will be in for a special treat this Friday! 

Gazzo’s Latest Original Mix Is a Gem and Enter a Contest To Win Free Electric Adventure Tickets

Gazzo added another massive single to his vast and quickly growing collection. “Never Touch The Ground” is the latest progressive-house recording from the Hoboken native’s

The 10 Best Up-and-Coming DJs on the Scene

When the DJ Mag Top 100 poll comes out around this time every year, the dance music community goes into a collective frenzy trying to

Hodor From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Now Going On Tour As An EDM DJ And Of Course The Tour Is Called ‘Rave Of Thrones’

I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Boston CBS Station Thinks ‘EDM’ Is the Same Thing as Molly

No one tell them EDM is a genre of music often compared to disco... K? That way it's like one big, generational inside joke.

Krewella Discusses Ministry Of Sound Compilation and the State of EDM

Jahan, Yasmine, and Rainman make up the trio called Krewella.

Bros: TomorrowWorld 2014 Is Right Around the Corner and It’s Not Too Late to Get Tickets!

Even though it feels like it only started, summer is flying by.

What Happens When a Death Metal Guitarist Does an Acoustic Cover of Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up?’

It's an interesting combination of things.

Listen to Cash Cash’s ‘Songs To Get Girls In Their Birthday Suit’ Playlist

Cash Cash is a producer trio from New York who knows how to throw down.

A Bro’s Guide To Deep House Music

Deep house has been around for years, just like many other sub-genres of house music, but is now getting some major attention.

The Top 6 Things That Are ‘Killing’ EDM

Is EDM dying?

You’ll Never Believe How Much the EDM Industry Is Worth

Once upon a time, I used to believe EDM was "just a fad" that would go the way of the proverbial musical buffalo, like disco.

Boston Literally Gets Turnt Up to Death After Over 30+ People Hospitalized at an Avicii Concert

Another day, another PR black-eye for the pop EDM scene.

Is Calvin Harris’ ‘C.U.B.A.’ the New EDM Jam of the Summer?

With the vocal bomb 'Summer' still absolutely crushing the music charts, Calvin Harris returns once again to his own Fly Eye Recordings label to release

Your 2014 Song of the Summer Is This Slightly Racist EDM Jam

It's only racist if making fun of Spanish people is racist.

deadmau5 Says EDM Is Dying: Is It Already Dead? Does Anyone Even Care?

In a recent interview with The London Evening Standard, deadmau5 let his opinions known on the so-called decline of electronic dance music.

Tiësto Talks ‘A Town Called Paradise’ In An Exclusive BroBible Interview

Tiësto is one of the most recognizable names in music and today marks the release of his brand new album, A Town Called Paradise.

7 Reasons Why ‘Mysteryland USA’ Is My New Favorite EDM Festival

The Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center was transformed into Mysteryland USA over Memorial Day Weekend.

These Two Bros Do a Bad Ass, Acoustic Cover of Da Rude’s Sandstorm

It's techno, without the tech.

EDM Scene Hero Asks Avicii’s Management Team If He’s a ‘Modern Day Milli Vanilli’

Like anyone famous, Avicii is easy to hate.

Bro Tripping His Balls Off at an EDM Festival Has Killer Dance Moves

People like to say "drugs are bad," but there's no way this guy will ever care.

HBO Sitcom About EDM DJs Said to Be a Mix of ‘Entourage’ and ‘Project X’

Get those rave sticks and glow necklaces ready for lazy Sunday night couch sitting, Bros.

Every EDM DJ on Twitter Blasted The Chainsmokers for Selling Out After Going on ‘American Idol’

Yesterday on Twitter, a discussion broke out via a great deal of DJ’s concerning today’s EDM scene based on a fairly extensive rant from The

29 Hospitalized at Avicii Concert in Toronto

'Hey Brother,' can you call 911.

10 Acts You Must See at Mysteryland USA

Mysteryland has a little something to offer for everyone so we laid out 10 of the artists performing at this monumental festival that you have