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Johnny Knoxville Was Drugged at a University of Arizona Party

While filming promos for the upcoming Bad Grandpa at the University of Arizona, Johnny Knoxville said someone slipped ecstasy in his drink. 

English Guy Takes Enormous Amounts of Drugs, Delivers Safety Advice to Strangers

Well, here's a weird bit of amazingly out-of-the-norm behavior to kick off your return to the norm on Monday.

4 Baldwin Wallace University Students Arrested While Trying to Set Up Hilariously Inept Ecstasy Lab

So, you four budding Walter Whites wanted to start manufacturing drugs. I totally get it. "Breaking Bad"—with its realistic portrayal of a formerly decent man

Ranking the Ten Funniest People from This 1997 Video of an Ecstasy-Fueled Rave

So, so many funny things going on in this 1997 video from a rave in Europe—a combination of bad '90's fashion, terrible dancing, and drugs.