This Guy’s Girlfriend Dumped Him Right Before Their Vacation To Italy, So Now He’s Selling Her Spot On Ebay


Jaked Dodridge booked an $830 vacation for him and his girlfriend to Venice in San Marco at a 4 star hotel…except then his girlfriend dumped him.

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Obviously Sane Woman Selling Her Imaginary Friend On eBay For $300


Georgia Horrocks is parting with her most prized possession, her imaginary friend Bernard.

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U.S. Map Shows What Product Each State Buys the Most on eBay


Delaware and Connecticut have some 'splaining to do.

Mo'ne Davis

Mo’ne Davis autographed balls going for $500 a pop on eBay


Someone is making a ton of loot off Mo'ne Davis autographed balls on eBay.


A Man Is Using a Sex Doll As A Model To Sell His Used Car On Ebay


FACT: Sex dolls are more obedient models than humans.

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11 things you didn’t know about eBay


Before eBay, auctions were reserved for special situations, now it's used for buying other people's crap.

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The craziest SI Swimsuit Issue things you’ll find on eBay


The SI Swimsuit Issue has been around for 50 years so it's no surprise there is a lot of stuff to be found in the bizarro world of eBay.

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