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U.S. Map Shows What Product Each State Buys the Most on eBay

Delaware and Connecticut have some 'splaining to do.

The 15 Most Wildly Patriotic Items You Can Buy on eBay, Because ‘MERICA!

Oh say can you see...all these American items from eBay?

A Man Is Using a Sex Doll As A Model To Sell His Used Car On Ebay

FACT: Sex dolls are more obedient models than humans.

Pissed Off Bro is Selling His Friend’s Clothes On ebay, Because His Friend is a Horrible House Guest

Revenge is a dish best sold on ebay.

British Man Lists His Girlfriend for Sale on eBay As a Joke, Receives Very Real Bids

You idiot. You total buffoon. Meet Shaun Coles. Coles is a British man who last week attempted to sell his […]

10 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On Ebay

Bow Chicka Wow Wow....

Dad Has Daughter Pose Sexily on Top of His 1977 Datsun So He Could Sell It On eBay

Let's start by exonerating the father in this scenario because just by looking at this chick, you can tell it was her idea. Her old

Wayne Rooney’s Custom Motorcycle Costs ONLY $90,000!!

I just signed a lease for an apartment in New York City. Given the renters market, this seems a significantly better investment. Below is the description

Got $3.2 Million Lying Around? Buy Pat Tillman’s Game-Worn Cleats on eBay

If all proceeds aren't going directly to charity then unfriendly fire should kill the f*cker that's selling these. Pat Tillman was undoubtedly a brave American,

Man Writes the Best ‘Buy My Snowblower’ Pitch You’ll Ever See

A reader dropped this on our Facebook wall saying, "Read the ad for this snowblower, written by a true bro."  Well, I read it, and

12 College Football Souvenirs We Wish Were on eBay

Fresh off last Saturday's stunning win against rival Notre Dame, Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon announced earlier this week that Dernard Robinson and the

How To Use eBay to Deck Out Your New Bro Pad

You've made it to the big city and you and your friends finally found an apartment near decent bars. A month later, however, the

Sly Stallone’s Long-Lost P*rno, ‘Italian Stallion,’ Sold For $412K on eBay

That's right folks, before Sly was ripping out throats in Burma he was shredding hymen on the silver screen. Back in 1970, prior to etching