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Instagram Fitness Bro Eats 100 Chicken McNuggets In a Sitting

Bros, Instagramer @muscleprodigy should probably be on your radar.

Somehow a GIF of Natalie Dormer Eating an Apple Is Sexy

It's like Game of Thrones if Game of Thrones were about eating fruit.

VIDEO: These Dogs Fucking Love McDonald’s Ice Cream

These dogs. They love ice cream.

Guess What Happens When a Sperry-Wearing Frat Bro Eats a Live Garden Snail?

Frat Boy Chet here thinks he’s a big swinging dick who can just easily down a live garden snail. Then, […]

VIDEO: Three Eating Strategies for Crushing Wings Tonight

Via the esteemed Albert Burneko comes this video on different strategies for eating wings. 

This South Korean Woman Makes $9,000 a Month Letting People Watch Her Eat Online

Park Seo-yeon is a South Korean lady making a killing off her country's new craze, "gastronomic voyeurism." Break down that phrase and you can figure

Remember Those Gummy Bears That Made People Shit? A Bro Ate Five Pounds of Them

A while back JCamm featured the wild Amazon reviews of people who claimed Haribo’s Sugarless Gummy Bears were giving them "the shits."

Watch a Tiny Woman Take Down a 72-Ounce Steak in Under Three Minutes

Molly Schuyler is a 120-pound mom who, last Friday, took down a 72-ounce steak in under three minutes. It's a world record, beating the previous mark

How Many Chicken Wings Can Dan Mullen Eat in 3 Minutes?

Have you ever wondered how many chicken wings Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen can eat in three minutes? Of course you have. You’re a normal

6 Snack Hacks That Will Take Your Munchie Game to the Next Level

Next time you're chillin on the couch, pullin' tubes while watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, remember these life hacks that will take your munchie game

Here’s a Clam Eating Salt in Extremely Slow-Motion

You were probably looking for something just filthy here. No such luck, pervert. You’re getting one of nature’s money shots in slow motion.

George Mason University Dining Felt Compelled to Release a Rap Video, Call It ‘I’m Eating’

Do you go to George Mason University? Do you eat? Well, this is for you. Presented without comment because, well, you’re sure to

Watch This Guy Eat a Whole Raw Onion, Just Because

Today is "stupid video of people eating things on YouTube," we have Chuck from the Bronx devouring a raw onion like it's an

Hatorade: All Food Should Come in Pill Form

I am a joyless human being constantly looking for things to ruin my day. And in my joyless journey, I’ve discovered that it’s the everyday

Meet the Woman Who Has Eaten Nothing But Cheese Pizza for 31 Years

Not too long ago, we brought you the bizarre tale of a British girl who only ate chicken nuggets. She's apparently not the only lady

The Girl Who Loves to Eat Plastic Will Haunt Your Dreams

Her name is Kailyn, she's 18 years old and lives in Sacramento, Calif. She's a looker with a winning smile and a zest