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My Name Is Alex and I Tried to Consume Nothing But Bacon and Beer for 12 Hours

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing,

7 Beatable Eating Challenges for You to Take on This Summer

Food, the universal equalizer — without it, none of us would survive.

Our Favorite Fitness Bro on Instagram Eats 50 Pieces of Sushi In One Sitting

Bros... This dude wants you to tweet him about ridiculous food challenges.

Instagram Fitness Bro Eats 100 Chicken McNuggets In a Sitting

Bros, Instagramer @muscleprodigy should probably be on your radar.

Watch a Bro Eat Three Lemons: Skins, Seeds and All


Takeru Kobayashi Goes to a Super Bowl Party, Naturally Eats an Entire Pizza in Sixty Seconds

Dude's an addict. 

Man Eats a Used Urinal Cake for $80

This is awful...just awful how can he waste 75%t of that cake. Say want you want about the man, but Shoenice would have at least

Shoenice Eats 20 Burning Matches, Plus the Aftermath Video

On your mark. Get set. SHOENICE! 

Dude Drinks Entire Bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s Syrup, Educates About Her Glass Breasts

This Shoenice cat is on another planet. Dude eats more foreign sh*t than the stars of Two Girls One Cup. It's like he