The Guyism Podcast — 4/20 in Colorado, Easter, kids on planes


Cass Anderson (@casspa) and Chris Illuminati (@chrisilluminati) discuss Cass' 4/20 in Colorado, Easter, and parenting etiquette on planes.


Easter egg hunt disrupted by a dead body


Alright, who was the wise ass who hid a dead body under the porch for kids to find.

when is easter

9 crazy facts you probably didn’t know about Easter


Easter is a time of quiet reflection and praising a giant psychedelic rabbit who’s supposed to be Jesus.

freaked out bunnies

37 kids totally freaked out by the Easter bunny


Things that scare children, ranked: 3) monsters in the closet 2) creepy clowns 1) freaky Easter bunnies.

worst drinking holidays

Ranking the drinking holidays from worst to first


With Memorial Day fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to take a moment to appreciate and reflect upon the true meaning of the holidays – getting embarrassingly, pants-wetting drunk.

Kate Upton GIF

A Special Easter Tribute to the Second Greatest Kate Upton Video of All Time, Plus GIFs


To no one’s surprise, it turns out that Kate Upton makes the sexiest Easter Bunny.


What’s Your Favorite Easter Candy?


It's Good Friday and Easter Sunday is just two days away.


50 Hot Babes Dressed-Up Like the Easter Bunny


Easter is this Sunday, and since we paid homage to Passover with hot women earlier this week, we figured we should do the same for Easter, but with a slight twist.

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