Colorado Easter Egg Hunt Has $20 Buy In, Includes Unlimited Keg Beer And All The Weed You Could Find


Some bros from Colorado got together for what appears to be the greatest adult egg hunt in the history of egg hunts.


This Easter Bunny With $30,000 Of Meth Stuffed Up Its Ass Is The Definition Of ‘Hopped Up’


Oklahoma police report that they intercepted a package last week containing a stuffed Easter bunny containing two pounds of meth worth over $30,000.


Lucy Pinder, Jordan Carver And 13 Other Gorgeous Women Who SLAYED In Bunny Ears On Easter


Just like on Valentine's Day Instagram was the place to be on Easter.

emily ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Wishes Everyone A Happy Easter By Not Wearing Any Clothes In Instagram Pic


This afternoon, Emily Ratajkowski wished everyone a Happy Easter with a super hot Instagram pic of her wearing nothing but a Easter bunny mask, because there's really no better way to celebrate Easter than by not wearing any clothes.

kanye west

Bible Changes Every Mention Of God With Kanye West In ‘The Book Of Yeezus,’ And Someone’s Going To Hell


Traditionally, Easter has been a celebration of the resurrection of a man who got nailed to a cross for humanity's salvation and sin-cleansing.

kate upton

Remember When Kate Upton Was The Hottest Easter Bunny Ever? Kate Upton Does


Kate Upton's 2013 Easter Bunny video for the UK's Love Magazine made it the most miraculous Easter since the first one.


New Pornhub Study On Easter Searches Is The Weirdest One Yet


It must be another holiday because Pornhub Insights is back with another study of the wild and wacky world of porn search terms.

playboy playmates

Playboy Playmate Shelby Chesnes Makes Easter The Sexiest Holiday Of The Year


As is always the case when it comes to significant holidays our buds over at Bikini Team have dropped another super sexy photo shoot on us with the season's theme.


The Guyism Podcast — 4/20 in Colorado, Easter, kids on planes


Cass Anderson (@casspa) and Chris Illuminati (@chrisilluminati) discuss Cass' 4/20 in Colorado, Easter, and parenting etiquette on planes.


Easter egg hunt disrupted by a dead body


Alright, who was the wise ass who hid a dead body under the porch for kids to find.

when is easter

9 crazy facts you probably didn’t know about Easter


Easter is a time of quiet reflection and praising a giant psychedelic rabbit who’s supposed to be Jesus.

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