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Here’s the First Preview for ‘Chozen,’ FX’s Animated Comedy about a White, Gay Rapper

Eastbound & Down met its triumphant end last night—if you haven't seen Kenny's ride off into the sunset, specifically the genius final five minutes and Stevie

Lindsay Lohan to Appear on Next Season of ‘Eastbound & Down’

Lindsay Lohan—fresh off a nude turn in The Canyons—is currently filming the next season of Eastbound & Down in North Carolina. You're not going to

‘Eastbound and Down’ Season 4: A Retrospective

We all want a piece of Kenny Powers' shit and September 29th can't get here fast enough. Here's a retrospective that leads us into the

HBO Drops Teasers for New Seasons of ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘Eastbound and Down,’ and ‘Hello Ladies’

Two old standbys and a promising new series. HBO's fall lineup may be without Thronez, but here's some not-so terrible stuff to look forward to: 

HBO Says ‘Eastbound & Down’ Season 4 Will Be Its Last

I kind of already saw this news coming. You could say I felt it deep down. Felt it deep. Felt it in my pluuuums.

Your Bro of the Week Nominees Include the Greatest Spy Ever and a Man Who Ate 68 Hot Dogs

Each week, we nominate five Bros for the esteemed honor of Bro of the Week, given to the guy who best went above and beyond

Danny McBride Reveals What to Expect in Season 4 of ‘Eastbound and Down’

Kenny Powers—a.k.a. Danny McBride—gave an illuminating interview to Hitflix Tuesday that details what to expect in Season Four of "Eastbound and Down."

4 Possibilities for the 4th Season of ‘Eastbound and Down’

News broke yesterday that "Eastbound and Down" will return for a fourth season, despite HBO billing the third season's finale as the series' last.

Enjoy Sunday Night’s ‘Eastbound & Down’ Premiere With This Drinking Game

Kenny Motherf*cking Powers will bombard his way back into our living rooms Sunday night, when the third season of HBO's "Eastbound & Down" premieres. Every bro

What’s Your Preference: Bumpers or Headlights?

In last night's episode of "Eastbound & Down," Kenny Powers asked himself one of life's great questions: What kind of man am I: tits

Jose Canseco’s 30 Most Desperate and Depressing Tweets

Of all the sad, lonley, broke, and roid-ed out retired baseball players on Twitter, Jose Canseco's verified account is easily our favorite. Earlier this week

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15 Professional Athletes Who Have Had Real-Life Kenny Powers Moments

  Editor's Note: BroBible has teamed up with our friends at HBO to celebrate the Season 2 premiere of "Eastbound & Down," this coming Sunday,

GALLERY: 40 Photos of Ana de la Reguera, Kenny Powers’ Spicy Latin Love Interest

Editor's Note: BroBible has teamed up with our friends at HBO to celebrate the Season 2 premiere of "Eastbound & Down," this coming Sunday, Sept.