The Eagles Had A Locker Room Push-Ups Contest With 265-Pound Connor Barwin Sitting On Players’ Backs


In these videos things seem a lot less hectic in the Philadelphia Eagles' locker room than they appear based on national media attention.


Humans Strap Camera To Bird, Drop It Off Tallest Building In The World


An eagle went from the top to the bottom of the Burj Khalifa.

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How Do You Get New York Giants Fan To Shut Up? Allow Bradley Cooper To Explain In New Eagles Hype Video

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I've been giddy about this Sunday's upcoming Eagles-Giants primetime game all week, especially after that cliche-ridden New York Giants "Filthadelphia" smack talk video.


Chris Baker Hit On Nick Foles, Leads To Eagles-Redskins Brawl And Jason Peters Ejection


In the fourth quarter of the Redskins-Eagles game, after a Nick Foles interception defensive lineman Chris Baker laid him out with a brutal hit.


Darren Sproles Torches Colts For 203 Yards On Monday Night Football


Darren Sproles the smallest player on the field had an incredible game on Monday night to lead the Philadelphia Eagles in a second half comeback vs the Colts.

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