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Butthurt Eagles Fan Spits On a Saints Fan After Losing, Because Philly Sports Fans Are the Worst*

Damn, Eagles fans. I know it's in our DNA to be insufferable douchebags, but did you really have to do this to this Saints fan?

This Awesome Eagles Fan Is Really Excited About the Eagles Beating the Cowboys

Hell. Yes. Meet Mr. G, the world's most loveable Philadelphia Eagles fan. With the NFC East on lock after last night's big win against Dallas,

Calvin Johnson Snow Face Is Everything Great About the Eagles-Lions Game In a Nutshell

I think there's a football game going on in Philadelphia? Can't be sure, based off the incredible snow game images Fox is broadcasting. It's without

The Eagles’ DeSean Jackson Mocked Victor Cruz with a Salsa Dance TD Celebration

If you're an Eagles fan, this is a glorious, glorious celebration dance. This is the BEST way for Eagles reciever Desean Jackson to mock the New York

Here is a GoPro Strapped to an Eagle

A brilliant, mad genius strapped a GoPro to the back of an eagle, then sent the bird off on a majestic flight through Chamonix, Mer

Fight! Fight! Cary Williams and Riley Cooper Get Into a Brawl at Eagles Practice

Uh-Oh... Riley Cooper and Cary Williams threw punches at each other during today's Philadelphia Eagles practice, with Michael Vick having to jump in to hold

Jason Dufner Sinks an Eagle From 150 Yards, Then Adjusts His Junk

Jason Dufner is known for his hilarious sitting style, but he is also quite handy with a golf club. He showed that skill off during

Phil Mickelson Made an Eagle And Jumped in the Air

Phil Mickelson just holed an incredible eagle at No. 10 to take a one-stroke lead in the U.S. Open. It was so sick, you guys.

Sorry Guys, That Video of the Eagle Picking Up the Kid Is Probably Fake

You know what video we're talking about:

Golden Eagle Swoops Down, Attempts to Grab Small Child, Provides Greatest Footage Ever

Shut down the internet and shut down YouTube. Everything before and after this one-minute video of a child escaping primal death is just filler.

‘We Are Never Ever Gonna Win With Andy,’ a Taylor Swift Parody About How Much the Eagles Suck

As a doomed and frustrating season continues to trudge on, a pink slip with Andy Reid's name on it is all but inevitable at this

Two Classic Eagles Fan Rants After Yet Another Fourth Quarter Meltdown

Another week, another game with the suck-ass Philadelphia Eagles melting down in the fourth quarter to blow the game and lose. Yesterday's loss

Brian Billick’s ‘Having Sex With the No Huddle’ Flub During Yesterday’s Rams-Eagles Game

Here it is, the first big announcer gaffe of the 2011-12 NFL football season. During yesterday's Eagles romp over the Rams, Brian Billeck seemed to

AUDIO: Giants Punter Matt Dodge Kinda, Sorta Admits to Crying After Loss to Eagles

Yesterday Philly sports radio host Howard Eskin claimed that Tom Coughlin told Matt Dodge to get out of the locker room after seeing him in

Andy Reid Backpedals, Declares Michael ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ Vick Starting QB vs. Jacksonville

Well, that was fast. Earlier this evening Philadelphia head coach Andy Reid announced he's had a change of heart about starting Kevin Kolb as QB