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NFL Rookies React to Their Madden 15 Ratings With Disbelief

Lack of respect.

The NHL ’15 Teaser Trailer Dropped and the Graphics Are Out of This World

So, so good.

Tiger Woods and EA Sports Are Parting Ways, Because $771Mil in Sales Must Not Have Been Enough

Seven-hundred and seventy-one million dollars. That's how much EA Sports made in retail sales over the course of the last 15 years selling the Tiger Woods PGA

Bro Meets the EA Sports Voice Guy, Dude Delivers

I got chills hearing that voice and having a face to associate it with. I really wish this guy asked him to say "Boom-shaka-laka!" or

College Athletes Now Free to Sue EA Sports Over Using Image

Regardless of where you stand on the pay-the-athletes issue, this was always kind of a head-scratcher: Video game developers have been allowed to directly profit

Here’s Every Uniform Option for Every Team in NCAA Football 14

It’s that part of the calendar year when Bros begin counting the days until the new NCAA Football game drops. To tide you over until

EA Sports Releases Gameplay Trailer for ‘Madden 25’

Can you believe that Madden is 25 years old? That means EA's Madden NFL franchise is older than most of the readers of this site.

Tech Be Cool: Monster CEO Noel Lee Tells Us About the Seamless Fusion of Headphones and Style

Geeks, pocket protectors, and excessive amounts of grease. Nobody really know where this grease came from, but it was a definitely a thing.

Move Over, Basements of America. EA Sports Explains to Us Why Video Games Are Now Social

Video games. The old stigma of sitting around in your parents' basement, snacking on endless trays of mozzarella sticks. For those moving stubbornly into adulthood,

Sports Links for July 24:The New Fastest Man Alive Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Video: Jimmy Fallon Thanks Tiger Woods on for All the Jokes He Provided

Tiger Woods is pimping again. Only this time it's for his soon-to-be-released EA Sports video game, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters." I saw

VIDEO: Deion Sanders Schools BroBible on ‘NFL Training Camp’ on the Wii

5, 4, 3, 2… Did Deion Sanders just ice me? Twenty minutes ago, I thought I was going to have a quick meet and greet

In FIFA ’11, Improved Passing and Touch, and Not a Vuvuzuela to be Heard

I have to start off explaining my connection to soccer: zero. Remember the beginning of the summer when suddenly soccer players were crushing girls all

REVIEW: Harder Hits, Better Faceoffs in EA Sports’ NHL 11

Last week, AZ and I were invited by EA Sports to take part in the event launch for NHL 11 at the NHL store in