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This BroBible Reader Hates Me For Liking the Coke Commercial and I’m Not Sorry About It At All

This e-mail from a BroBible reader just landed in my inbox. We love getting fan e-mail here at BroBible, but this is hardly fan e-mail.

You’re a Dumbass If You Think a ‘JP Morgan CEO’ Actually Wrote This ‘Letter to a Gold Digging Girl’

This chain e-mail is older than Gordon Gekko's syphilitic mistress, yet people won't stop e-mailing it to us today because they just discovered the Internet or something.  Hey

Rowdy San Francisco Giants Fan Gets Referred to Alcoholics Anonymous for Going H.A.M.

It's not everyday a family friend refers you to Alcoholics Anonymous after a rowdy evening at a ball game. But that's exactly what happened to