paulina gretzky pregnant

Jumping Jehosaphat! Paulina Gretzky Is Pregnant With Dustin Johnson’s Baby


In a wild turn of events, Paulina Gretzky is pregnant with Dustin Johnson's baby.


Dustin Johnson’s leave of absence from PGA tour due to cocaine


We can now end the speculation as to why Dustin Johnson decided to take a leave of absence from the PGA Tour.

TPC Sawgrass

Let’s watch professional golfers try to hit the 17th at Sawgrass with their opposite hand


Listen, if you gave me a hundred chances to land the ball on an island green, I would fail each and every time.

Paulina Gretzky Instagram

Holy Shit! Paulina Gretzky Has a Really Good-Looking Golf Swing


A few years ago, when Paulina Gretzky hit the scene like a wild child I would have put money on her going the way of The Lohan without tardiness or delay.

who is Paulina Gretzky dating

Lost another one: Paulina Gretzky and Dustin Johnson engaged


Paulina Gretzky and PGA golfer Dustin Johnson announced over the weekend that they are officially engaged.

Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky is Engaged to Dustin Johnson, Still Smoking Hot


Hey guys, you never really had a chance with Paulina Gretzky but now you REALLY don’t have a chance with her.

wgc cadillac championship

Golfer Dustin Johnson Hits Camera Canopy


Here's a golf trick shot video that wasn't intended to be a golf trick shot video.

Hole In One

Watch Dustin Johnson’s Hole-in-One at the 16th Hole of the Open Championship


The first round of the British Open has been on the World Wide Leader since 3 a.


BUNKERGATE: Dustin Johnson Eliminated from Three-Way Playoff at PGA Championship on B.S. Call; Kayme


If you haven't been following along with the PGA Championship, or with our Twitter feed over the past hour, you wouldn't believe what's about to happen to Dustin Johnson.

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