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The Great One Told Dustin Johnson To Chill With The Partying Or The Wedding To Paulina Is Off

Big toss up between Paulina and powder.

Breaking: Golf.com Reporting Dustin Johnson Suspended From PGA Tour After Testing Positive for Cocaine

Welp, that wasn't shoved under the rug for very long.

Holy Shit! Paulina Gretzky Has a Really Good-Looking Golf Swing

A few years ago, when Paulina Gretzky hit the scene like a wild child I would have put money on her going the way of

Paulina Gretzky is Engaged to Dustin Johnson, Still Smoking Hot

Hey guys, you never really had a chance with Paulina Gretzky but now you REALLY don’t have a chance with her.

Golfer Dustin Johnson Hits Camera Canopy

Here's a golf trick shot video that wasn't intended to be a golf trick shot video. 

Watch Dustin Johnson’s Hole-in-One at the 16th Hole of the Open Championship

The first round of the British Open has been on the World Wide Leader since 3 a.m. (they're showing 11 hours of coverage today, God