devin robinson

Florida’s Devin Robinson Unplugged Missouri’s Keanau Post From The Matrix With This Dunk


  Devin Robinson took every ounce of frustration this lackluster Florida season has created and took it out on Missouri's Keanau Post last night.

hanner mosquera perea

Indiana’s Hanner Mosquera-Perea Threw Down An Outlandish One-Handed Dunk Off An Alley-Oop


When Indiana's Yogi Ferrell tossed up this lob to his teammate Hanner Mosquera-Perea, I didn't think there was any chance it could be converted.

kelvin amayo

Iona’s Kelvin Amayo Threw Down The Most Violent Dunk, Ruined A Defender’s Life


Marist's Chavaughn Lewis tried to be a hero and play defense on a hard-charging Kelvin Amayo yesterday.


VCU’s Mo Alie-Cox Invented The Belly Flop Dunk Last Night


VCU forward Mo Alie-Cox is not a small man.

lebron james

Little Kid Has An AWESOME Idea For LeBron James To Get His Mojo Back: Enter The Dunk Contest For Charity


In case you haven't been paying attention to LeBron James's triumphant return to the Cleveland Cavs this NBA season, it -- uh, ummmmmm, eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr -- hasn't exactly been so triumphant.

dunk contest

Chinese Dunk Contest Participant Tries To Dunk Over 5 Dudes, Eats Shit Instead


Despite the objections of, well, pretty much everybody, slam dunk contests are still happening.

malik monk

Malik Monk Threw Down A Dunk That Will Make You Forget Which Olsen Twin Is Your Favorite


High schooler Malik Monk scored two points and forever destroyed an opponent's self esteem by elevating for a vicious slam dunk.

college basketball

Baylor’s Johnathan Motley Threw Down An Insane Dunk, No-Fun Refs Called A Charge


It's eight days into 2015 and we've already had a few posts talking about the dunk of the year.

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