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Andre Drummond’s Dunk Melted the Brain of Three Announcers

Brains don't work anymore.

Jeremy Lin Dunks on His Mom in EPIC Instagram Video

Bravo to Los Angeles Lakers guard Jeremy Lin for this wonderful Instagram video dunking over his entire family.

Who is Kawhi Leonard? He’s the Guy Who Does THIS

He's Kawhi Leonard.

Watch a High School Sophomore Throw Down a Vicious, Vicious Dunk

We repeat: vicious.

I Still Can’t Believe This Russell Wesbtrook Dunk

Get out of town.

I Can’t Stop Watching These Streetballers Completely Embarrass a Defender

Pretty good reason to quit basketball forever.

Insane Human Being Does Backflip Off of Backboard, Dunks

And lives to tell the tale.

Russell Westbrook Almost Dunked on a Mop Girl

Look out!

This Is the Sickest Pool Dunk of All Time

YouTube, Vine, and Instagram are littered with epic pool dunks. This one, however, featuring a bunch of Euroleague stars in a Turkish Airline commercial, is

Rate This Bro’s Beer Pong Dunk Fail

A long-time BroBible reader sent us this beer pong fail this evening.

VIDEO: The 10 Best Dunks of the NBA Season

The best part of basketball.

Want to Watch a High School Kid Shatter a Backboard With a Dunk?

Savage violence.

Johnny Manziel Can Dunk

Mr. Basketball.

White Men Can Dunk! Here Are the Filthy Jams Taylor Inman Threw Down to Win the NAIA Dunk Contest

He believes he can fly. He believes he can touch the sky.

The Phoenix Suns Made an Awesome “NBA Jam” Video of Gerald Green

He's heating up.

Tennessee’s Josh Richardson Threw Down a Monster Slam Dunk

Bring the thunder.

Gerald Green Threw Down This Impossible Double-Clutch Dunk

How did he do that?

Get Unreasonably Excited About the NCAA Tournament With the Help of the Year’s 10 Best Dunks

Rim Rockers.

Michigan State’s Branden Dawson Threw Down a Rare In-Game Windmill Jam

Two points.

Nevada’s Deonte Burton Dunk > Almost Every Dunk

Sweet fancy Moses.

Heroic Man Allows Himself to Be Set on Fire, Dunked Over

En fuego.

Talladega College’s Snap Peters Throws Down Spectacular In-Game Dunks

Human highlight reel.

Klay Thompson Dunked on Kyle Singler, Sent Him Staggering Into Oblivion

Balance is key.

Stanford Executes the Rare Double Alley-Oop to Perfection

Pass party.

Ho Hum, Just an 8th Grader Throwing Down a Two-Handed 360-Degree Dunk IN A GAME

Marvin Bagley makes this look boring. He casually makes his way into the paint and then casually pulls off a […]

High School Dunker 1, Backboard 0

If there’s anything more manly than shattering a basketball backboard, I am blissfully unaware of that activity. The latest episode […]

The Best Prop and Gimmick Dunks in Slam Dunk Contest History

You like dunks; I like dunks. Let’s watch YouTube videos of great dunks together. CLICK TO WATCH: The Best Prop and […]

This Dunk Won John Wall the Slam Dunk Contest

The NBA’s new Slam Dunk Contest debuted last night and it was downright awful. Confusing rules led to disappointment when […]

Anthony Davis Would Also Do Well in the Slam Dunk Contest

Anthony Davis was clearly moved by LeBron James’ off-the-wall slam dunk. He decided to show off his own jamming prowess […]

LeBron James Proves Yet Again He’d Win the NBA Dunk Contest

LeBron James is too focused on winning his third consecutive NBA title, so he doesn’t have time to participate in […]

Watch This Guy Jump Over a 7-Footer for the D-League Dunk of the Year

The "NBDL Dunk of the Year" seems like a backhanded compliment—but dammit if Ra'Shad James doesn't earn every accolade we can give him. Watch as the Reno

A Poor, Unsuspecting Taco Bell Employee Got Epically Posterized Last Night

What an awful way to end a shift at Taco Bell.

Minnesota’s Austin Hollins Destroyed the Rim

If you weren't too busy hating on some nice college girls who just wanted to take selfies, you probably noticed Minnesota notching an important Big

Drop Everything and Watch This Paul George Dunk Right Now

Paul George's emphatic 360-degree slam dunk last night was a thing of beauty. In fact, it was so beautiful that I refuse to take away

Syracuse’s Jerami Grant Publicly Abused the Rim Last Night

Syracuse overcame a pesky Boston College squad last night to improve to 17-0. The turning point was a 16-1 run in the second half which

Cody Zeller’s Vertical Let Him Down

Cody Zeller went up for a dunk and came down with shame. We shouldn't be surprised, though, considering the lesson we learned from the famous

The Dunk of the Year (Vine Edition)

Never before seen footage from the Chris Paul-Cliff Paul insurance commercial. Or just a couple dudes goofin' around up in their room while mom cooks

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James Combine for Insane Alley-Oop Dunk

Well, this is just spectacular.

Marcus Foster Violently Posterized John Stockton’s Son

John Stockton's son, David, plays for Gonzaga just like his father did. He's also quite small, which really worked to his disadvantage last night when

Hey, a Double Alley-Oop!

At first, I was very impressed with this double-alley-oop dunk. And who wouldn’t be? It employs both unselfish and flashy ball movement. Then I dug