Watch This High School Basketball Player Hit His Chin On The Rim For Those Of You Losers Who Can’t


We recently posted a video of 6'1'' Jordan Kilganon doing an insane 'lost and found' jam, combining coordination and ungodly hops.


6’1″ Jordan Kilganon Created A ‘Lost And Found’ Dunk And It’s The Best Dunk You’ve Ever Seen. Period.


The reason the NBA Dunk Contest sucks so much dick -- it's just wolfing down more and more dicks each year -- is because 1) superstars like LeBron James refuse to participate and 2) everyone basically just repeats dunks from the past because there's only so much a human can do with a basketball.


Blake Griffin Destroyed Kris Humphries With a Dunk


At this point in time, there is no reason for a defender to try to stop a person who intends to dunk.

Harlem Globetrotters

Harlem Globetrotter Had What Looks to Be the Most Painful Dunk Fail in History


No idea what happened to this dude after his face cushioned the blow of the basketball hoop hitting the ground, but if I had to guess I'd say he is taking a break from trotting the globe for at least a few weeks.

Michael Jordan

Watch Michael Jordan Dunk at Age 50


And he didn't even really stretch for it.


Conan O’Brien Introduces NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk


There is nothing more American than watching a basketball mascot throw down a sick dunk off a trampoline.


‘Posterizing’ May Be the Coolest New Craze Yet


There's been a lot of popular ones, for better (planking wasn't terrible) or for worse (Harlem Shake).

shatters backboard

Mitch McGary Changes His Nickname From White Chocolate to White Thunder After He Shatters Backboard


Rip it down -- and cut yourself with glass while you're at it -- young man.

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