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What Were You Doing In 6th Grade? Because This Kid’s Dunking and Dropping 53 pts in One Game

He's better than you, all of us.

Blake Griffin Destroyed Kris Humphries With a Dunk

At this point in time, there is no reason for a defender to try to stop a person who intends to dunk. Only bad things

Harlem Globetrotter Had What Looks to Be the Most Painful Dunk Fail in History

No idea what happened to this dude after his face cushioned the blow of the basketball hoop hitting the ground, but if I had to

Michael Jordan May Have Dunked at 50, But Here’s Dr. J Dunking at 63-YEARS-OLD

That's levitation, holmes. Also, it's traveling... gratuitous traveling.

Watch Michael Jordan Dunk at Age 50

And he didn't even really stretch for it.

Conan O’Brien Introduces NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk

There is nothing more American than watching a basketball mascot throw down a sick dunk off a trampoline. But not all mascots are created equal,

‘Posterizing’ May Be the Coolest New Craze Yet

There's been a lot of popular ones, for better (planking wasn't terrible) or for worse (Harlem Shake). There's also been a few pretty damn awesome

Kill the Next 11-Minutes by Watching the Best Dunks of the 2011-2012 NBA Season

Sure, 11-minutes is long. But it's Friday, you're likely not being a productive member of society anyway. Go on, waste some more company time. You

Mitch McGary Changes His Nickname From White Chocolate to White Thunder After He Shatters Backboard

Rip it down -- and cut yourself with glass while you're at it -- young man! Mitch McGary has enough game to be called "White