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Memphis’ D.J. Stephens Threw Down a Dunk That Delighted Bill Raftery

God Bless Bill Raftery. And Verne Lundquist. I might not always know what they're saying, but I'm happy they're talking on my television.

Porter Mayberry, ‘Shortest Professional Dunker in the World,’ Is Electrifying

Standing at a decidedly diminutive five feet five inches, Porter Mayberry does not appear to possess the physical qualities conducive to being an electrifying dunker.

Russell Westbrook Dunked Over Omer Asik

Russell Westbrook is a skilled dunk artist and he authored another masterpiece yesterday against the Chicago Bulls. The Oklahoma City guard elevated over

James Justice Wins College Slam Dunk Contest in Grand Fashion

This is James Justice. You’ve probably never heard of him because he plays at Martin Methodist College. He shall toil in anonymity no

Terrence Jones, Doug Anderson Own NCAA Tournament’s Best Dunks So Far

There were two spectacular dunks on the first full day of March Madness. One counted, the other was just for show.

Josh Smith Dunks on Serge Ibaka With Extreme Authority

Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith had no problem challenging Serge Ibaka, one of the NBA's top shot blockers, last night. The results were

Iman Shumpert Was Going to Use Jeremy Lin, Couch as Dunk Contest Props

New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert officially withdrew from the Slam Dunk contest yesterday due to a cranky knee. It's too bad he did, because

Michigan State’s Branden Dawson Throws Down Windmill Dunk

Branden Dawson chose Michigan State over Purdue at the last minute. Boilermaker fans aren't too happy about it and let him hear their

High Schooler Devin Thomas Shatters Backboard With Slam Dunk

So this is how you end a game. Devin Thomas, a high school standout from Pennsylvania, threw down a dunk with such ferocity

Darrion Pellum Threw Alley-Oop to Himself, Is Famous Now

Darrion Pellum found himself with no one to pass to on a fast break last night, so he just passed to himself. The

Kwame Alexander May Possibly Be Dunking Machine

You will never, ever see a more blatant charge go uncalled. Oh, yeah, the dunk was pretty awesome as well. Our old friend

LeBron James Splits Two Defenders, Throws Down Thunderous Slam Dunk

Playing with LeBron James sure looks like fun. That Larry Bird knows what he's talking about, huh? The Heat star refused to let

This May Be Greatest Alley-Ooop Ever Thrown

This high school coach from Vinta, Okla. is a genius. How else would you explain his ability to have the perfect play call

Michael Jordan’s Still Got Some Hops at 48 Years Old

Yep, still got it. With relative ease the 48-year-old G.O.A.T. takes-off and dunks. It's funny, for all we have learned post-career about Michael

Video: Man Attempts to Leap Over a Car and Dunk a Pong Ball

Now that we've killed that son of a b*tch (that's right, I'm speaking ill of a dead man's mother) -- and hopefully performed otherwise despicable

Three Super Slow Mo Videos from the Slam Dunk Contest

Want to see DeMar DeRozen, Serge Ibaka, and Blake Griffin dunk in super, super slow-mo? It's surprisingly hypnotizing.