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WELP! Man Had Penis ‘Skinned’ After Directly Injecting Vaseline Into It To Make It Larger


Meet 24-year-old Hungarian born Szilveszter who now lives in the United Kingdom (Guess there are no first names in Hungary.


Watch a Skateboarder Cheat Death by One Second


A few bros went out longboarding on a winding road, and, spoiler alert.

Teen pregnancy

This week in Facebook idiocy


Every week on the internet we see screen caps of unfortunate interactions on everybody’s favorite social network, Facebook.

marital affairs

The dumbest people to have an affair with


If you're going to be stupid enough to have an affair, pick someone who doesn't take care of your kids, your eyes, or your human body parts.


Daughter Doesn’t Get Airline Job, So Dad Handcuffs Self to Soccer Goal


Yesterday's Manchester City-Everton match was delayed when a disgruntled man ran onto the pitch and handcuffed himself to a goalpost.


Obese Ohio Man Fused To Chair With Feces and Urine


(Not the actual man in question, but pretty f*cking close.

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