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Genius Posts Selfie with Submachine Gun to Facebook, Is Nabbed in Bank Robbery

Before Jules Bahler was arrested last week for robbing three Michigan banks over an eight-day period, he posted a selfie to Facebook.

An Escaped Inmate Turned Himself In to Avoid Today’s Cold Front

It's fucking cold today. Before I walked my dog, I put on a thermal shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, two sweatshirts, a fleece jacket and a winter

I’m Not Lying, This Idiot Gas Thief’s Pants Are on Fire

The plan was simple. Dumbass here was going to break into a car dealership after it closed and siphon gas from unattended vehicles. Things went

Walter White Wannabe Moves Meth Operation to Gas Station, Gets Arrested Again

Last month, we posted that a woman--and likely aspiring actor on one of the best shows in television history--was arrested for cooking meth inside a