stupid criminals

Dumbest Drug Smuggler Ever Basically Got Herself Arrested


A woman named Sylvia Mashiah was just chilling, working her way thorough a customs checkpoint at the Mexican border near San Diego with an alleged 27 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in her car.

dumb crime

This Female Fugitive Is Throwing Up Hot Selfies Onto Facebook Instead Of Hiding As A Big ‘Fuck You’ To The Police

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There’s nothing like throwing out a huge “fuck you” to your haters, whether it’s by literally shoving your middle finger into their face or just besting them at everything possible and grinding their self-esteem into dust, the feeling you get from seeing someone’s confidence drop into a toilet is unbeatable.

dumb criminals

Man robs bank wearing the dumbest shirt ever


Police and FBI agents solved a Denver bank robbery case in just five hours.

pizza delivery

Guy pranks cops with Dominoes delivery, and for the first time ever, pizza makes everything worse


A guy arrested for shoplifting faces more charges after cops say he ordered pizza for the police stations as a prank.

wtf florida

10 craziest Florida criminals of all time


What’s going on in the Sunshine State.

dumb criminals

Genius Posts Selfie with Submachine Gun to Facebook, Is Nabbed in Bank Robbery


Before Jules Bahler was arrested last week for robbing three Michigan banks over an eight-day period, he posted a selfie to Facebook.

weird news

5 of the most amazing true urban legends in criminal justice


People who say “if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” need to be smacked right in the face with something heavy, because cliches are just an easy way to excuse yourself from critical thinking.

Stupid criminals

Man writes bomb threat on the back of his job application


In the latest addition to the dumb criminal file, a central Nebraska man landed in jail for writing a bomb threat on the back of his restaurant job application.

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