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This Guy Had The ‘Genius’ Idea Of Calling The Police Because A Stripper Wouldn’t Boink Him


‘Mom Of The Year’ Goes To The Woman Who Locked Her Six-Year-Old Child Outside TWICE So She Could Bang Her Boyfriend


You’ll Never Guess Why This Naked Businessman Walked Into A Police Station With Only A Cardboard Box Over His Junk

Sucks to be this guy.

Woman Calls Police To Complain That Her Meth Is Laced With ‘Something’, Is Promptly Arrested

Wait...the police DON'T handle meth purity issues?

Twelve Year-Old Arrested For Stealing A School Bus And Going To Walmart, Released, Then Promptly Steals Another One

Why go somewhere fun when you can go to Walmart?

Watch This Guy Hulk SMASH A Concrete Block Over Another Guy’s Head During A Fight While His Back Is Turned

Bruce Banner would've at least done it while the guy was facing him.

The Drunk Guy Who Impersonated TSA Agents So He Could Grope Women Is Either An Evil Genius Or A Total Pervert

I can't decide.

Have You Ever Been So Drunk That You Used A Baby As A Human Shield Against The Police? Because This Guy Has.

Maybe lay off the sauce for a while dude.

Dude Got Arrested After He Told A Newspaper That The Redskins Should Keep Their Name But Make The Mascot A Potato

Who doesn't like red potatoes?

You Won’t Believe How Many People Are Willing To Steal A $5000 Pair Of Yeezy Shoes From A Homeless Guy In This Video

People suck.

Father Of Real-Life Benjamin Button Steals $6K From Daughter, Then Spends It At Costco

Not cool dude, not cool.

Drunk Guy Breaks Into Family’s Home, Poops On The Floor And Somehow Manages To Not Get Arrested

When you gotta go, ya gotta go.

Watch This Super-Stoned Florida Woman Chow Down On A WHOLE Bag Of Weed…In The Back Of A Police Car

Anyone surprised this came outta Florida? Anyone?

You’ll Never Guess The Dumbest Reason Why This Boy Kidnapped Himself

This is some Darwin Awards material right here.