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Duke Porn Star Lost Her Financial Aid…Because She Makes Too Much Money

Wiping tears away with stacks on stacks doesn't qualify for financial aid apparently.

Why Duke Porn Star Belle Knox Needs to Stick to Porn and Not Feminism

Fuck Duke. Words I still live by long after my graduation from the University of Maryland. But funny enough, since the porn star at Duke

Grant Hill Thinks You Hate Duke Because of All the Good White Guys

One of many reasons.

Duke University’s Tri Delta Sorority Makes Your New Favorite TERRIBLE Recruitment Video

Duke sororities are really out-doing themselves this year with terrible sorority recruitment videos. ZTA made us cringe yeterday, now a Blue Devil BroBible reader has

Duke ZTA Makes Unbelievably Cringeworthy Recruitment Video

Has a sorority recruitment video ever gone well? Wait, don't answer that.

College Basketball Players Attempt to Spell ‘Krzyzewski,’ Fail Miserably

Breaking news: Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s name is difficult to spell. So difficult, in fact, that some of the finest student-athletes in the ACC failed to

Painted, Shirtless Duke Bro Is the Most Intense Duke Basketball Fan Ever

Downright INCREDIBLE GIF from our friends at Guyism... This Duke Bro is easily the most intense Duke basketball fan ever.  Love that enthusiasm.. 

6-foot-2 High Schooler Posterizes Competition with Dunk

Christian Terrell is a teammate of Providence's Grayson Allen, a Duke recruit who has drawn (many) comparisons to J.J. Redick. Allen should maybe consider a

The 25 Best Mascots of the 2013 NCAA Tournament

Has there truly ever been a better time in your life then calling in sick from work or missing class to watch the opening rounds

UNC Lacrosse Player Takes a Painful Shot to the Nuts By a Duke Laxer

In the fourth-quarter of Wednesday night's Duke-UNC lacrosse game, the Tar Heels' Jimmy Bitter takes a nasty nut shot from a Dukie. OUCH.

A Bro With a Pink YOLO Hat Stole the Show at the Duke-Virginia Tech Game

Thirty-three percent of the BroBible team went to Duke. That’s way too many Blue Devils in the workplace. Those of us who weren’t smart enough

Watch a Bunch of Duke Kids Awkwardly, and Graphically, Talk About Sex

So, this is something.

Basketball Team Re-Creates Christian Laettner’s Buzzer-Beater to Win Game

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

This Wheelchair Court-Stormer and ‘Braveheart’ Speech-Maker Are the Reasons N.C. State Beat Duke

On Saturday, a nation woke up at the crack of noon to see N.C. State upset previously undefeated Duke, 84-76, at Raleigh's PNC Arena. Outside

Watch Duke Epically Self-Destruct in Belk Bowl Loss to Cincinnati

Those poor bastards.

Bobby Hurley Is Still Picking on the Fab Five

Remember last year's totally unbiased Fab Five doc executive produced by Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King? How Rose called Grant Hill

North Carolina’s Greg McBride Scored Slick Goal Against Duke

North Carolina’s Greg McBride netted this sick goal against Duke in the ACC conference final Sunday. It was good enough to get him

Here’s How the Lehigh Students Celebrated Beating Duke

The students at Norfolk State had good reason to party. The students at Lehigh had an even better reason. A win for the

Duke Falls In the First Round to Lehigh, a 15-Seed

Boy, I'm really glad I'm not drinking with my boss tonight...

March Madness: Mr. T Answers Reader Questions

We asked readers to send their questions into me, a self-proclaimed college basketball expert, and I was happy to help them out.  It's not every

Both the UNC and Duke Women’s Lacrosse Teams Made Faux Music Videos to ‘Call Me Maybe’

Well here's an interesting spin on the Tobacco Road rivalry:  Both the Duke and the UNC Women’s Lacrosse teams made faux music videos

Duke-North Carolina Ending Proves You Never, Ever Turn Off the Game

I had my finger on the button to turn the television off last night. North Carolina was leading Duke by 10 with two minutes to

Watch Duke and Carolina Fans React to Austin Rivers’s Three-Point Dagger

Earlier this morning, we shared with you one guy's epic freakout over the Duke-Carolina game last night. Here are a few reaction videos from large

Start Your Day with This Epic Duke Buzzer Beater Freak Out

In case you missed it. Writes a tipster, "Socially awkward housemate, Ross of Earth, freaks out after the UNC-Duke game... says Austin Rivers

Duke Shocks UNC with an Austin Rivers Buzzer-Beater Three

Froshie Austin Rivers for the win with a three at the final ticks of the clock. Gotta love Doc Rivers freaking out afterwards.

Ohio State’s Aaron Craft Had a Self-Assist Nutmeg Versus Duke Last Night

Last night's Ohio State-Duke game was, at least to this Blue Devil, unfortunate. All right, we got spanked. Definitely agree with the morning-after

That Duke-Carolina Fantasy Alumni Game is Very Real… and Happening Next Thursday

Remember that Duke-UNC potential alumni game I wrote about last month? It's about to happen. Tip-off is tentatively set for 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, November

Who We’d Start in the Perhaps-Not-So-Fantasy Duke vs. Carolina All-Star Game

With the NBA lockout still ongoing despite marathon talks over the past couple days, pro ballers remain left to their own devices to find

Will Duke’s Kyrie Irving Return for the NCAA Tournament? Ask His Father

For any Duke fan who watched North Carolina dismantle the Blue Devils Saturday night en route to the ACC regular season title, there was a

VIDEO: Penn’s Rob Fitzpatrick Lights Up Duke

With the college lacrosse season now underway, we want to make sure that we're sharing with you guys the best goals and hits — so

VIDEO: Duke’s Kyle Singler Makes Best Assist of the College Basketball Season So Far

I'm allowing myself to post this video of Kyle Singler's incredible falling pass from last night's Duke game against Florida State because: the Blue Devils

Duke Administration Cancels Tailgate After Minor Found in Port-a-Potty

The student body at Duke is setting the gold standard. Not a week passes us without someone at the university doing something that adults, and

Duke Fraternities in Hot Water Over Email Invitations to Halloween Parties

Another day, another controversy at my dear old alma mater, Duke. I'm not going to editorialize too much on this one because, truth be told,

Defending Champions Duke Takes Top Spot in First Preseason College Basketball Poll

Last night I shot joePA an email that told him to remind me to post the USA Today/ESPN Top 25 Preseason Coaches' Poll for college

EXCLUSIVE: Duke Coed’s 42-Page Powerpoint Presentation Details Her Sexual Encounters with 13 Bros

A Powerpoint presentation landed in our inbox this morning that we simply must post. It was written by a 2010 Duke University female graduate, and

VIDEO: Duke vs. Alabama Tailgate a Wild Party Where Everyone’s Invited

Duke University, where do I begin. It's known mainly for two things: academia and basketball. The pristine campus is lined with luscious lawns, stone buildings,