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Coach K Visited Mercer’s Locker Room to Say How Great They Played

Coach K came through today with a pretty cool move after the Blue Devils were stunned by Mercer.

Jabari Parker Proves Dessert Bonafides, Bakes ‘Jabari Bars’ for Krzyzewskiville Tenters

With the discarded Busch Light cans and enough mud to give a World War I soldier a case of trench foot, K-Ville's inhabitants are in

This Wheelchair Court-Stormer and ‘Braveheart’ Speech-Maker Are the Reasons N.C. State Beat Duke

On Saturday, a nation woke up at the crack of noon to see N.C. State upset previously undefeated Duke, 84-76, at Raleigh's PNC Arena. Outside

Mason Plumlee Had the Dunk of the Year, and Duke is the Best Team in the Country

Last night, Duke topped off Ohio State 73-68. It was the Blue Devils' seventh win of the season, fourth victory in seven days, and third

John Calipari Said Duke Players Would Be Suspended in NBA for Flopping

Duke topped Kentucky last night in one of the most exciting games of the young college basketball season—a 75-68 upset that featured several insane throwdowns

Bobby Hurley Is Still Picking on the Fab Five

Remember last year's totally unbiased Fab Five doc executive produced by Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King? How Rose called Grant Hill

Why Duke Will Win the National Championship

Every year I write a post as to why Duke will win the National Championship and then go ahead and pick them to win it

How Obnoxious (or Glorious) Is This Duke Student Government Tweet to the UNC Student Government?

Stuff like this is why most of the nation hates Duke. These back-and-forth Tweets between the two rivals' student governments came soon after Carolina dominated

Join BroBible and Infiniti RIGHT NOW for a Duke vs. North Carolina Twitter Chat (& Win Prizes!)

UPDATE: We're live Tweeting right now! Quick reminder: Tonight, Duke takes on North Carolina at Cameron Indoor Stadium, with both an ACC regular season championship

Join BroBible and Infiniti Saturday Night for a Duke vs. North Carolina Twitter Chat (& Win Prizes!)

College basketball's regular season comes to an end this weekend with one of the biggest games of the year: Duke vs. North Carolina at Cameron

Grant Hill Responds to Jalen Rose’s Statements Regarding Duke’s Black Basketball Players

Grant Hill promised a response to the "Fab Five" doc*mentary that aired on ESPN Sunday night — and in particular the language Jalen Rose and